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Couples Workshop


This group is to help couples learn to be Attuned, Responsive and Engaged with each other. The goal of the workshop is to help you as a couple understand love, understand emotions and needs, control negative dances and shape a positive loving bond. Over the 8 sessions we will review the following conversations:
   1) Recognizing Demon Dialogies
   2) Finding the Raw Spots
   3) Revisiting a Rocky Moment
   4) Hold Me Tight – Engaging and Connecting
   5) Forgiving Injuries
   6) Bonding Through Touch
   7) Keeping your Love Live

Cost: $275 plus GST


Anger Management Group

We offer this group with the intention of providing both education and support. It is regularly reported by participants that the group setting offers a unique experience, and a level of support that is not gained when seeking individual support. Our past participants have found this group to be helpful and supportive – and we want the same outcome for you. We encourage you to join us in this group .

In this course we will explore the root causes of your personal journey with anger. We will learn why we feel the way we do, our goals for positive change and provide healthy techniques for you to practice in your life outside of class. A group setting can be very helpful to share experiences, support each other and practice what we are learning to get the results we are truly seeking.

Cost: $180 plus GST

*The next level 1 anger management group begins January 20, 2020. 

Anxiety Group for children


Taming Worry Dragons is a creative approach to psychoeducation that is designed to help children with anxiety learn to cope with the worries they face. This approach is adapted by the therapist to match the developmental level and interests of the children involved. We start by positively reframing anxiety as a “talent for creative worrying” and a “sensitive body alarm system” that work together to magnify worry and distress. The children and therapist team up to gradually face fearful situations and thoughts. They also learn tools to tame the worries so that their feelings and thoughts become helpful signals rather than things that make problems bigger. Each session the children learn skills which they are then encouraged to practice and use during the week.

Cost: $120 plus GST

Adult anxiety group

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that we suffer from. Unfortunately many people suffer alone. Anxiety can negatively affect our relationships, friendships, jobs, and health. People who struggle with anxiety often feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward in their lives. We would like to help you experience a reduction in your feelings of anxiety and worrisome thoughts through this safe and nurturing environment.

This adult anxiety group was was created for participants to explore their relationship to anxiety and how it affects them. We will offer new coping methods, along with emotional support, to help make your anxiety manageable as you take back control of your life.

Cost: $180 plus GST

Rebuilding Your Relationship Workshop

This workshop is a 10 week educational program designed to help people adjust to the ending of a love relationship.  The workshop meets for three hours, one night per week for ten weeks.  The workshop covers the following 10 topics.
  1. The Rebuilding Blocks:  The rebuilding blocks will give you an overview of the adjustment process when experiencing the loss of a relationship.
  2. Adaptation:  You may have learned adaptive behaviour during your formative years in order to get our needs met.  These adaptive behaviours may have become maladaptive in your adult relationships.
  3. Grief:  Grieving your various losses of love.  There is a connection between overcoming denial, grieving and disentangling from a former love partner.
  4. Anger:  Ending a love relationship results in feelings of anger.  Resolving anger allows you to find forgiveness for yourself and your former love partner.  It is important to deal wit your angry feelings because they can last for months and maybe years after the physical separation.
  5. Self-Worth:  The previous sessions focused on painful feelings.  Improving your feelings of self-worth will help you move beyond pain and find the strength to grow.
  6. Transition:  After improving your self-worth, you are emotionally stronger and ready to experience personal growth.  You are ready to wake up and begin taking charge of your life.
  7. Openness:  You have been using a great deal of emotional energy trying to be someone other than who really you are.  You may choose to be free to be you.
  8. Love:  Is it okay to love yourself?  The more you love yourself, the more you can love others.
  9. Relatedness:  The relationships that develop following the ending of an important relationship can be an important part of your growing process.  You may find the friendships you make can help you grow and adjust.
  10. Sexuality: You long for emotional intimacy but you are afraid.  Intimacy starts with becoming better acquainted and more intimate with yourself.  Understanding your own sexuality, and learning more about the way others feel will be helpful

Cost: $275 plus GST

The Defining Decade Workshop

What every 20-somethings need to know – and all Millenials – Based on the Book by Meg Jay

This workshop is meant to provide people in their 20s with some direction around creating that vision so that they’re setting themselves up better for their 30s and beyond, instead of playing catch up after derping around for 8 years. The workshop highlights how the job market has shifted for people coming out of college and introduces the idea of “identity capital,” which is the collection of skills, relationships, and professional resources we build up over our lives. Many people in their 20s aren’t building up any of them by sitting around at home or taking dead-end jobs. GPA and college degrees don’t really count, since everyone has them. The workshop also highlights how important weak ties are for the job market. Weak ties tend to be the best sources of employment, and a large network of weak ties gives you the broadest reach and greatest perspective, instead of a few very close ties. After graduating and being fixed on the college process, many students feel they’re “failing” in their 20s because they don’t know how to get an A anymore. They’re used to having a formula for success, and now that it’s gone, they feel lost. Picking something when we have the world of options in front of us feels limiting. We don’t want to give up freedom, don’t want to give up the ability to go in any direction. The workshop also covers today’s issues when it comes to love and choosing life partners and picking your family. The cohabitation effect occurs when couples who live together before marriage tend to be less satisfied with marriage, and more likely to divorce. People in their 20s, in this generation, react worse than normal to negative information. We take it more personally. Especially when it involves criticisms of competence. Many people try to change their feelings by quitting the situation (job, relationship) causing them, instead of addressing the feelings or the conflict. The crazy anxiety many people in their 20s have makes them constantly fear being broken up with, fired, dropped. This can lead them to quit or end relationships themselves so that they don’t get surprised. People think that the minute something goes wrong, they’re going to get fired, but jobs aren’t that fragile. Neither are relationships. Having goals can make us happier and more confident. Goal setting in your twenties can lead to more mastery, agency, and purpose in your thirties. We all tend to discount the future in favor of the present. We don’t save enough, don’t take good care of ourselves, don’t invest in relationships.

Cost: $40 plus GST

Special Needs Workshop

If you are struggling with getting a diagnosis for your children, or recently received one and you would like to know more about resources in the community, agencies, funding and charitable donations, this is the workshop for you. This workshop also covers how to get a formal diagnosis and the benefits that come from having an official diagnosis. In this workshop we discuss opportunities to access resources starting with early development, school-age and into the teenage years. This workshop will also cover navigating the school-age years and how to develop and implement robust Individual Learning Plans (IEP’s) and navigating the public school system. The workshop also covers various programs offered by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Child Tax Credit in addition to Child Care Subsidy.

Cost: $40 plus GST

Women’s book club night

Our Book Club is a drop in group for women to share their love of books and participate in a group discussion. Our goal is to connect with one another and grow through our conversation and connection.

There is no commitment to join and we welcome you to take a look at the Date and Book being discussed and if you want to join us please call/email or message us to register. Space is limited as we only have 20-25 seats.

Nov 14, 2019 – Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Dec 12, 2019 – What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Jan 16, 2020 – Just Mercy: A story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

Feb 20, 2020 – Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Mar 12, 2020 – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Apr 9, 2020 – Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos by Lucy Knisley

May 21, 2020 – Bear Town by Fredrik Backman

June 18, 2019 – Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Cost: FREE


Vision board night

At Crossroads Collective we believe in growth and transformation. One way to realize growth is through the act of intention. When we throw out to the universe that we want more for ourselves and through creativity and art we can create our own vision board and maximize our potential. This group is held once every two months. Space is limited so please us to register if you would like to participate.

Cost: $50 + GST which includes supplies