Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. 

Music Therapy is an evidence based health profession in which a supportive client-therapist relationship is combined with music to promote emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.  Participants can engage in a range of musical experiences, allowing them to express themselves in a way that transcends words; engage in therapeutic conversation using music as a tool; build meaningful connections with peers; collaboratively work on coping skills; work on projects with long term goals; and rest, re-center and ground themselves.  Music therapy groups and one-on-one sessions are offered by Crossroads Collective.

Some of the programs we offer are:

6 – 8 years

A) Musical storytelling: Kids create sounds and sing along to musical stories such as Bear Hunt and we use percussion instruments to tell the story. We can also create some of our own instruments to create the sounds effects in our story. CD will be made at the end.  Project is created in Garageband.

B) Puppet plays using iMovie:  Kids choose a story and recreate it or write an original story with me and then create all the props and backdrops to film a story in iMovie.  They narrate their own stories and have their puppets act out each part.  Kids are provided a Dropbox link of their finished video project at the end that they can upload to their Youtube Channel if they wish.

C) Picture books: Kids can create their own picture books with me. We sketch things out and make a storyboard and then start to assemble pages into my computer util the manuscript is complete and then have it printed.

Middle Schoolers and above

A) Creative Writing: Cover all the different types of writing based on the interest of the child/teen.

B) Songwriting: Kids make up their own songs with me using Garageband and record their voices – make CD’s.

C) Music Parodies: Making videos of song parodies that they write and act out with me.

D) PSA’s: Kids write PSA’s about subjects they are passionate about and we film.

E) Youtube: Kids set up their own Youtube Channels. (with parent’s permission and we film little videos and upload)

F) Blogging: Kids learn to blog with me – can set up their own blog with parent’s permission.

G) Music Exploration: Singing and playing instruments together.

Meet The Team

DEMOGRAPHIC:  Children and Youth

SPECIALTIES:  Self Esteem & Confidence Building, Self Regulation Through Art


Lorrie Holmes
Creative Arts Programmer

My studies in Expressive Art Therapy (REAT – Registered Expressive Art Therapy) will be completed by May 2021 at which time I will also be qualified to apply for the designation of ACCT (Registered Therapeutic Counsellor) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling of British Columbia. I have also previously completed a Certificate in Peer Counselling through the University British Columbia and am a licensed Early Childhood Assistant (ECEA) with the province of British Columbia. I am also a licensed Kindermusik Educator and have studied piano and voice along with cartooning.


My professional experience includes working with children and youth for the past 10+ years in various classrooms, studios, and community service environments. This work also includes working as an early learning music teacher, preschool teacher, creative arts & creative writing instructor. I have experience as a program director for a busy children’s centre for many years. I have also offered my own creative programs as a guest author, songwriter and music instructor in various children’s centres, elementary schools, and private organizations such as Arts Umbrella and the Creative Writing for Children Society of British Columbia. As a seasoned lifestyle writer with many years of experience writing for various lifestyle magazines in Vancouver, British Columbia, I have combined my background in writing with my love for Early Childhood Education.

I currently act as editor for a popular children’s blog called where I mentor kids, teens, teachers and parents to write stories about their thoughts, opinions and feelings, under my editorial direction. My areas of specialty include mentoring children to use their creativity to explore getting into character in self empowering ways using the mediums of creative writing, puppet plays, prop making, music creation and exploration, and film. Although process is more important than outcome in all of my mentoring and instructing, I love to assist and inspire children and youth to create projects that include writing songs, stories, bookmaking, puppet plays, film and much more using self empowering themes and characters.

The following list are areas that I have previously worked with children and youth and am passionate about:

  • Girl Power – Self Empowerment Tools for Girls
  • Self Esteem and confidence building including school & career planning
  • Depression & Anxiety – self soothing with the arts
  • Past or recent trauma or abuse – creating a safe place
  • Dealing with divorce or separation from the child’s perspective