Did you know that as humans, we make an average of 35,000 decisions a day? From the decision of what to eat for breakfast to what tasks to prioritize to who we want to spend our time with – the list goes on and on. This is why when it comes to deciding where to go in your healthcare journey, choosing a clinic that is right for you can feel overwhelming.

There are multiple considerations that come into play when choosing what healthcare clinic is right for you. You might ask yourself if it meets the criteria of your individual needs, or if the location feels right for you. You may also put a heavy consideration on the specialists and whether or not they feel like a good fit for you. Whatever the case may be, at Crossroads Collective, we want to ensure you are met with a service that is going to elevate and support your overall well-being. As a healthcare clinic that specializes in several modalities, the way we operate is quite different than other clinics out there! To learn more about How Crossroads Collective is different than any other clinic in Langley, read on! 

We specialize in working with children. 

One of the ways we differ from other healthcare clinics in Langley is through our specialized services working with children. One of our owners, Lisa Moore noticed right away upon moving to the area that there wasn’t much of a focus on offering resources for children. Because of this, Crossroads Collective has been able to fill a gap by offering a wraparound approach to therapy for children. Using a wraparound approach essentially means that we offer a wide array of programs, each one specifically putting the child at the center to ensure that all their unique needs are met. With a multitude of specialists working in-house, we offer services such as play therapy, music therapy, behavioural consulting therapy and more! We even have a multipurpose room here in our clinic. This room acts as a free space for these various treatments to occur, giving the child a sense of freedom and play!

our healthcare clinic in Langley puts a huge focus on play therapy.
Crossroads Collective in Langley, BC, works with children using a wraparound approach. From play therapy to talk therapy, communicating with children is possible.

We offer a wide range of therapeutic services for adults. 

In addition to specializing our offerings towards children, we also offer a wide array of therapeutic services for adults. Whereas many other clinics may specialize in one particular modality (be it massage, counselling or dietary needs) we believe healing can really occur when all the bases are being met! We focus on treating patients from a collective viewpoint, with a focus on both the body and the mind. Because of this model, we are able to offer services through counselling, group therapy, massage therapy, nutritional therapy, behavioural consultations, music therapy, play therapy and respite services.

We understand that your mind is only one part of your being and your physical body is the second. When both are worked on, true and complete healing happens. 

Our services are centered around both the body and the mind. 

Like we said above, focusing on both the body and the mind is the core of Crossroads Collective. Our clients have said to us over and over again how important it is for them to have one clinic to go to where all of their needs are met. Let’s dive into this a bit deeper. 

Healing and wellness is never a “one size fits all” model. As mentioned above, each individual is so different and therefore, achieving optimal health and wellness will look different based on those individual needs. Another way that our services differ from a typical healthcare clinic is that we offer an integrative approach to healing – one that is rooted in both the mind and the body. 

Crossroads Collective is a healthcare clinic in Langley, BC
Crossroads Collective is a healthcare clinic in Langley, BC, that focuses on healing individuals from a collective viewpoint. 

The mind and the body are so interconnected. In fact, many of our physical ailments come to reality as a byproduct of what’s been unaddressed in our minds. While many clinics may only address one area of health and treatment, our services give you a widespread view of how healing can occur on both levels. For example, our Dietetics and Nutritional Assessment work to assess your body’s needs based on what foods may be having an effect on your well-being. This treatment works to assist in weight management, balancing your hormones and dealing with some of the physical effects of stress imbalances and anxiety. On the other hand, you may be dealing with sudden grief or loss, or perhaps you are struggling with co-parenting or behavioural issues at home. These are all factors that could also be contributing to a lack of physical and mental health, which is why we offer services that equally address these deeper pain points that may otherwise be overlooked. 

Do you feel like our clinic is a good fit for you? 

The pathway to healing isn’t always one that is linear or simple. It’s often one that requires a look at the many different facets of our being. As humans, our needs are complex, and isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know that all of your health concerns can be met, fully and completely, in one location? At Crossroads Collective, our commitment is to offer the best care through our multiple therapeutic services, all in one accessible place. Our aim is to heal your body and mind, helping you and your family to achieve the mental health and wellness you deserve. 

Are you ready to get in touch with a counsellor who is trained and knowledgeable in getting you the support you need? If so, Crossroads Collective would love to take care of you and your family. Contact us to learn more about our different services and to book your appointment.

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