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Originating in China, acupuncture has been safely used for more than 2,500 years. It remains one of the most widely trusted alternative therapies. 

Acupuncture stimulates the qi (body energy) movement to remove any stagnation. This supports and restores the body’s natural balanced physiology. 

Specific points on the body restore harmony 

This therapeutic effect is attained by inserting fine filiform needles into specific points on the body. This stimulates the body’s healing mechanism and influences biochemical responses. Acupuncture can help with the following: 

  • Pain management
  • Digestive issues
  • mental health
  • Sleep and general fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Common colds, sinuses, asthma and allergies
  • Fertility and gynecology support
  • Circulatory system
  • Hypertension/hypotension
  • Substance dependency 
  • Post-chemo therapy
  • Cosmetic skin tightening, scar tissue, acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • Fibromyalgia 

Meet The Team

Acupuncturist - Jessica Bugra

Jessica Direct Bills: ICBC, Blue Cross, Sunlife, The Cooperators,

Jessica Bugra, R. Ac. 
Registered Acupuncturist

As your healer, I am here to support healing by holding the space for you and realigning all the elements in your body. Did you know our bodies have the power to naturally heal themselves as long as we follow the laws of nature?


As your certified acupuncturist, I will use the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to get to the root of your symptoms. I graduated from the University of Fraser Valley in Kinesiology, Human Anatomy and Biology. I then continued my education in TCM at PCU College of Holistic Medicine. 

During your first session, there will be a diagnosis and a customized healing plan based on your personal needs. 

The treatment plans will include acupuncture, cupping, nutritional support and when necessary referrals to other practitioners. I will work closely with you to achieve your primary health concerns and then help you create a plan to maintain a healthy, holistically balanced living.

Please feel free to contact us or visit my site or @jessicabugra_ on Instagram for more information on how Acupuncture could be beneficial for you.