Have you been wanting to give counselling a shot, but haven’t been able to put the funds aside
to make it happen? It can be quite the added expense during the holiday season. Thankfully, at
Crossroads Collective in Langley, we have a solution for you.

We know just how important counselling is for individuals. From one-on-one talk therapy to
family and marriage counselling, having someone to discuss things with is important. This is
why we offer affordable counselling through qualified interns.

In this blog post, we will share about our internship program and how you can receive
counselling at a cheaper price point.

Affordable counselling in Langley.

At Crossroads Collective, it’s important to us that we get our services out to everyone possible.
We know that financials can often be a trigger for people who are interested in the services, but
don’t feel like they can spend that amount of money on them.

Crossroads Collective Counselling

Thanks to our internship program at our Langley counselling centre, affordable counselling is

Our team of interns provide all services (play therapy, children, youth, family and couples
counselling, etc) on a sliding scale for payment.

Our rates.

Our intern rates for services depending on need and income. We know that every family is
unique and every situation is different — this is why we offer a sliding scale for payment. This
means that you can reach out to us at the clinic, discuss with us what services you’re after and
tell us a little about your story.
Then, a payment schedule and price point will be discussed and created — providing you with
the services you need at a price that you can manage.

Our interns.

When you work with one of our interns, you’re working with someone who is eager and excited
about their career and helping others achieve wellness. At Crossroads Collective, we only
accept the best of the best. All of our Masters of Counselling Students are supervised by an
accredited supervisor with additional training in mentoring and guiding our student interns.
We offer supervision for interns specializing in play therapy, child and youth, adult counselling,
couples counselling, high conflict, music and art therapy. We provide students the opportunity to
gain specialty training in these diverse and in-demand areas of counselling. And, when we
provide this opportunity, it provides affordable services to those in need.

Reach out today.

To book your affordable counselling appointment at Crossroads Collective in Langley, simply
give our office a call! You can let us know what service you’re interested in, we’ll match you with
an intern of ours and schedule your first appointment.

We’re here to make counselling accessible to all of those who need it. Visit our website today
and give us a call. We look forward to helping you on your journey to a happy and healthy

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