Geri – Lynn Rempel

Clinical Counsellor

About Geri

This is your journey. Only you have lived your life and become the person you are today. You know what you need, or maybe you just know you want something different, and I’m here to walk that path with you.

I offer non-judgmental, collaborative, client-centered, strengths-based support to help you process whatever it is you are working through. One of the things I enjoy most about this work is being able to help adults and youth become empowered again– remind them that they are stronger than they think, that many of the resources or answers are already there, waiting to be uncovered.

Some of the hardships I have assisted people with are:

    • Past traumas that they feel “stuck” with.
    • Recent traumas and feeling overwhelmed.
    • Working through panic attacks and other anxiety disorders
    • Improving communication in relationships
    • Working out boundaries and creating plans for difficult conversations

I have had the good fortune to be supporting people since 2007, when I began working in Mental Health and Addictions. I always knew that I wanted to be a trauma counsellor (growing up with a first responder for a father was bound to do that to one of us 4 kids), so I knew I needed to continue with my education and experience. In 2010 I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work degree and began working as a Probation Officer. While I enjoyed working with people and facilitating groups, probation was not where I ultimately wanted to be so I pursued my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree from Yorkville University. After completing that practicum in 2013 and facilitating trauma groups, I began work as a trauma counsellor in a local non-profit, assisting women who had experienced childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and/or domestic violence. More recently I have been working as a generalist counsellor, supporting people with a wide variety of issues/concerns.

My areas of specialization are:

    • Addictions
    • Anger Management
    • Anxiety
    • Communication/Boundaries
    • Critical Incident Stress
    • Depression
    • Domestic Violence
    • Self-Esteem
    • Stress Management
    • Trauma

I use the following modalities when working with clients:

    • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
    • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy
    • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
    • Mindfulness
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Narrative Therapy
    • Psychoeducation

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