Music is so powerful. 

It is considered a “language of emotion” as it has the capacity to transcend what our minds can comprehend. Listening and playing music is so important as it gives us a gateway into feeling beyond logic. It also gives us an access point into deeper creativity, healthier cognitive function and a heightened quality of life overall. 

photo of a microphone showcasing that crossroads collective offers music lessons in Langley. Voice, piano and guitar lessons available.
Are you interested in singing but don’t know where to start? Contact Crossroads Collective to learn about our music lessons in Langley.

At Crossroads Collective, we are thrilled to now be offering one on one music lessons for both children and adults! Both in-person and on Zoom. Not only is music a tool for transformation, learning to play a musical instrument can hold tremendous benefits for anyone willing to learn such a wonderful skill. To learn more about the music lessons offered here at Crossroads Collective and how you can benefit, read on! 

Why play an instrument? 

Do you have an appreciation for music and all the ways it touches your life? Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument, but felt too overwhelmed or intimidated to try? It may come as no surprise, choosing to play an instrument is certainly no easy feat. It’s a journey that will require a ton of determination, patience and perseverance. However, it’s also a journey that will be filled with many rewarding moments – moments that will create a sense of purpose, fulfillment and deep appreciation for the gift of music. 

photo of a young boy during guitar lessons at Crossroads Collective. This music centre in Langley offers voice, piano and guitar lessons.
Looking for music lessons in Langley? Look no further than Crossroads Collective! We offer guitar, piano and voice lessons.

When deciding to take on a musical instrument, you’re most definitely adding value to your life! Learning the art of playing music can be deeply therapeutic and can positively impact you in a number of ways. Here are just a few reasons why playing a musical instrument can be of benefit to you in both childhood and adulthood: 

  • Produces patience and perseverance – As mentioned above, playing an instrument is anything but easy. There will be many moments that will test your patience. Sticking with it and overcoming obstacles will give you a certain amount of motivation to keep going forward. You’ll be able to celebrate your milestones along the way and feel proud of your progress!
  • Reduces stress – Focusing all your attention on playing an instrument can take your mind off of certain life stressors and put you into a state of relaxation. Listening to music can also reduce cortisol (the stress inducing hormone) 
  • Cultivates creativity – Being creative is a practice, and just like a muscle – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! At the core of it, music is a form of art. Once you’ve been practicing your newfound skills for long enough, it won’t be long before you’ll want to create some sounds of your own! 

Are music lessons right for me or your child? 

It’s no question, learning the art of playing an instrument can have tremendous benefits on various aspects of one’s life. But once you’ve made the decision to pick up and play, how do you know if music lessons are right for you? 

Well, as beneficial as it can be to learn something on our own, there is certainly some real value in being a student! Taking part in music lessons at Crossroads Collectives will produce valuable skills. Music lessons will instill a sense of self-discipline, confidence, and intrinsic motivation. Having the opportunity to learn in an environment where you can ask questions and be in a supportive environment will undoubtedly be of benefit to the learning process. 

Woman playing the piano during Crossroads Collective music lessons in Langley.
Crossroads Collective offers music lessons for both children and adults. Wanting to learn piano? Reach out to us today!

Here at Crossroads Collective, we offer private music lessons where our instructors work to tailor each lesson specifically to the goals and needs of the student. In creating an environment that is conducive to the student’s growth, it not only creates an accelerated learning opportunity, it also creates more enjoyment for the one taking the lesson! 

In each of our private music lessons, students will have the chance to learn either the piano, guitar or take vocal lessons. Each lesson will range from 30-60 minutes and contain homework for the student to do at home on their own. There is also an option for a contemporary curriculum – this type of lesson includes the basics of reading music with the option to learn chording, ear training and improvisation. It’s all about accessibility, which is why we have multiple pathways for those looking to learn a musical instrument with us!

Who are our specialists? 

Do you feel like you’re ready to embark on the rewarding journey of playing an instrument? If so, we want to make sure you’re in the right hands! In addition to creating specialized programs that enhance your learning journey, we place a high value on ensuring our team is there to support you fully. Here is a list of our incredible music therapists who can support you in your music playing goals.

Micaela Pirritano, MTA – Micaela is an Accredited Music Therapist who believes that every individual should have the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Realizing the therapeutic value of music in her own life is what led her to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy! 

Aimee Murdoch – Aimee is a Music Therapist specializing in anxiety and developmental delay. She believes every child has a right to feel and express their emotions without judgement. She places great value on using music as a bridge for effective communication beyond language. 

Trina Nestibo – Trina is a board-certified Music Therapist who works from a holistic, person-centred perspective. Her principal instruments are voice, piano and guitar and she customizes each of her sessions to meet the unique needs of her students. 

Are you ready to learn a musical instrument of your own? 

There’s no doubt about it, music is a powerful tool and language that can greatly benefit one’s life in a number of ways. 

Learning to play an instrument can add great value to one’s personal sense of creativity, mental wellbeing and overall cognitive health! Do you feel like you could benefit from the journey of playing a musical instrument? 

If so, we are more than happy to support you or your loved one in your music journey. Contact us today and we would be happy to set you up with one of our music specialists for private music lessons at Crossroads Collective.

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