Jungeun Yu, MA

From birth to death, we constantly move between the spectrum of stability and fragility. No one’s always firm, and no one’s always vulnerable. No one’s entirely powerless or one hundred percent stoic in the face of challenging circumstances. Counselling cannot...

Talia Spear C.CFM C.FRM

I specialize in aligning realistic, attainable and actionable paths forward for families that proactively reduce conflict and re-establish consistency as well as calm for kiddos. Most often, I work with co-parents individually, both parents within a co-parenting...

Mansi Parkeh

Your story, your pain and your collection of struggles and memories are unique to you. My overall goal in therapy is to build a grounded relationship with my clients and facilitating them to. My approach is interactive, warm, and accepting; helping my client, which...
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