Internship Opportunities for Counselors and Music Therapists Available at Crossroads Collective

Complete your Masters of Counselling Psychology, Undergraduate (BA)  or Diploma  Internships with Crossroads Collective. Programs that require students to complete an internship placement to gain adequate counselling experience or music therapy can apply to Crossroads Collective for an internship. At Crossroads Collective, we accept students pursuing a diploma program, undergraduate and graduate students into our practice to complete their internships with the possibility of being hired as a Counsellor or Music Therapist after completing the internship. Interested? Please fill out our Internship Application below.

About Crossroads Collective Clinic

We are a large multidisciplinary clinic and can offer supervision for interns specializing in play therapy, child and youth, adult counselling, couples counselling, high conflict, music and art therapy. We also offer group counselling hours. Please see our website for a complete list of services we provide to our clients; you may have the opportunity to gain specialty training in these diverse and in-demand areas of counselling.

Crossroads Collective Internships Involve:

  • Direct client hours
  • Opportunities to observe and run different groups and programs
  • One-on-one supervision (frequency of supervision based on client hours)
  • Monthly peer supervision and weekly group supervision
  • Mentorship program with a supervisor specializing in your area(s) of interest
  • Training from our team of professionals in all areas of service we provide

Our Placements

These internship placements for students enrolled in Diploma programs, Undergraduate (BA) or Graduate Masters programs and are flexible in length and duration. Internships are for students who require direct client, group and professional hours for the completion of their graduate program. We may also offer you a paid associate position once you have fulfilled your internship hours at our Crossroads Collective clinic.


Internships are about learning from people who inspire you in your field of choice. At Crossroads Collective, our team is made up of incredibly talented counsellors, play therapists, nutritionists, music therapists and more! We love sharing our time and expertise with interns who are eager to learn how to become competent and caring counsellors.

At Crossroads Collective, it’s important to us that we get our services out to everyone possible.
We know that financials can often be a trigger for people who are interested in the services, but
don’t feel like they can spend that amount of money on them.

We know just how important counselling is for individuals. From one-on-one talk therapy to
family and marriage counselling, having someone to discuss things with is important. This is
why we offer affordable counselling through qualified interns.

Our Rates

Our intern rates for services are dependent on need and income. We know that every family is unique and every situation is different — this is why we offer a sliding scale for payment. This means that people can reach out to us at the clinic, discuss with us what services they’re after and tell us a little about their story.

Then, a payment schedule and price point will be discussed and created — providing them with the services they need at a price that they can manage.

Download our printable Internship Flyer for more information: Interships at Crossroads

Our interns

When you work as one of our interns, you’re working alongside people who are eager and excited about their careers and helping others achieve wellness. At Crossroads Collective, we only accept the best of the best. All of our Masters of Counselling Students are supervised by an accredited supervisor with additional training in mentoring and guiding our student interns.

We offer supervision for interns specializing in play therapy, child and youth, adult counselling, couples counselling, high conflict, music and art therapy. We provide students the opportunity to gain specialty training in these diverse and in-demand areas of counselling. And, when we provide this opportunity, it provides affordable services to those in need.

Please fill out our Internship Application along with your Cover Letter and Resume when you email us

Interested Applicant Intake Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming an associate at Crossroads Collective LLP. We are looking forward to hearing more about you and how you might be a good fit as we work to help the people of Langley, the Interior of BC and Vancouver Island.


Apply Here!

As part of the interview process, we ask that you click this link to read the following document, then please complete this form and send your cover letter and resume to This information will be helpful to determine what position you would be suited for in our organization

Intern Application
Which Service do you provide?
What location are you applying for?
While they are independent, our associates at Crossroads Collective are representatives of our brand and values. Therefore, it is important that all of our associates practice a non-judgemental approach to each person that walks through our doors and practice acceptance and tolerance of all people, regardless of sex, race, religion or sexual orientation. This extends beyond the therapy office into your personal life and social media presence.

Maximum file size: 5MB


If you’re interested in completing your internship placement with Crossroads Collective in Kelowna, please reach out to us today! We look forward to teaching our passions and areas of service to students and are excited to help you in your career journey.

Send us an email or give us a call to apply today!

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