High Conflict Team


Marianne Cottingham, ma
Clinical counsellor (CCC)

Services Offered: Co-parent Counselling, Resistance and Refusal Intervention, Parent Coaching, Therapeutic Supervision, Family Systems Therapy & Section 211 Reports

Languages: English

Working in high conflict situations with families, especially those who are court involved, includes a lot of moving parts and complexity. Our team is passionate about helping you and your family work through what is surely a difficult and stressful time.


I have been involved with the BC family law system in professional and personal contexts for several years. My personal experience, research, and professional involvement has contributed to my belief that the family law system is not the best setting to resolve family issues relating to children. I am passionate about helping parents be the best they can be for their children, and finding it in themselves to put their children first. 

In addition to a masters degree in Counselling Psychology, I have completed a Certificate in Child and Family Forensics. I have attended hundreds of hours of continuing education in the areas of High Conflict dynamics, assessments, and current interventions to help families in conflict. 

To read more about my approach to therapy and the specific services I offer, feel free to explore my personal website at www.congruentcounselling.ca. If a copy of my CV is required, please request it by email. 

Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician


Amanjot Gill, MSW
registered social worker (RSW)

Services Offered: Resistance and Refusal Intervention, Therapeutic Supervision, Child/Youth Counselling & Hear The Child Reports

Languages: English & Punjabi

Working with people through their challenges is something I am passionate about. Life is ever changing and provides us many opportunities for growth although those times often feel daunting and overwhelming. I believe in being both an advocate and an ally; it is my goal to support you through whatever it is that you are facing right now.


In addition to working one on one with clients, I am also part of the High Conflict Team at Crossroads. I help support families that are experiencing challenges following any changes. I provide coaching and support to parents, children and youth through therapy. Therapy services include one to one counselling and group/family counselling sessions. This also includes observing family interactions to meet the unique needs of each person; Helping parents plan a safe, healing and therapeutic interaction between estranged parent and child; Beginning initial connection and relationship building while ensuring that the views of parents and child(ren) are acknowledged and considered in decision making. I am trained to complete Hear the Child reports which fill an important role in the separation/divorce and court involved process. Hear the Child reports allow parents and other professionals involved with the family to have the Child’s views to consider when making decisions that impact them.

Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician


Lisa Low, M.Ed
clinical counsellor (RCC)

Services Offered: Consultation on Child Protection Concerns, Parent Coaching, Family Transitions, Views of the Child Reports & Section 211 Reports

I am a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC) with the BC Clinical Counselor Association (BCACC). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I have worked in child protective services and mental health for over twenty years.  Working in social services has provided me with the opportunity to work with resistant clients who are often involved in high conflict and emotionally charged situations.


Life can be challenging and although we are often able to cope with the difficulties that come our way, there are times when we can become overwhelmed with our thoughts and emotions. An issue may arise that feels too difficult to manage on our own. I provide a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for you to explore whatever issues have brought you to seek support. I will help you move forward with clarity, confidence, and self-acceptance.

I address a wide range of problems including:

  • Relationship concerns
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Conflict
  • Abuse/neglect
  • Unresolved anger
  • Low self-esteem
  • Family conflict
  • Crisis intervention
  • Establishing and maintaining boundaries
  • Parenting issues

I specialize in the areas of family conflict, parenting and high conflict separation and divorce. There are many issues, concerns, and logistics to work out when a separation or divorce has occurred.  We will work together to minimize conflict for your family as you work through this process.  

I have received additional training and am qualified to complete Custody and Access Reports. Depending on your needs, I can do a full Section 211 report or either a Views of the Child or Hear the Child Report. I have extensive experience and training in interviewing children and assessing their social/emotional needs.  I have been called to court on many occasions to present my observations and findings. I believe that we need to support opportunities for children to share their views and be heard when their best interests are being determined. Everyone deserves to be heard.

Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician

SPECIALITY AREA: Family meditation, Pre-mediation Coaching, Co-parent Coaching, New Ways for Families Coaching

DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Couples, Families


Talia Spear C.CFM C.FRM

Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator

I specialize in aligning realistic, attainable and actionable paths forward for families that proactively reduce conflict and re-establish consistency as well as calm for kiddos. Most often, I work with co-parents individually, both parents within a co-parenting partnership and/or all parties involved in a co-parenting dynamic.


I’m a certified comprehensive family mediator (which also makes me a certified family relations mediator), pre-mediation coach, New Ways for Families coach and co-parenting coach. 

Those who work with me often mention that I’m soft-spoken, and get things done. 

Holding safe spaces for my clients to be themselves is integral to my work. I will seek to understand as well as accommodate each person’s unique needs so that they can come to the table at their most comfortable. I practice from a trauma-informed perspective. I’m culturally humble and actively seek continuous formal and humanistic education with regards to diversity and inclusion. I’m an ally across many spectrums. 

My role is to guide folks, and facilitate conversations that help to figure out the unfigureoutable. 

I began my career at assault services, and throughout the past two decades, I’ve been fortunate to have led a wide variety of local, regional, domestic and international teams towards the elevation of support and equity for those navigating challenging circumstances inclusive but not limited to: mental illness, family violence, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, substance use/misuse, homelessness, poverty, crisis and trauma. 

At the heart of the matter, I’m focused on your kiddos, and removing obstacles from your path.

I’ve experienced the best and the worst of co-parenting challenges, family dynamic professionals, family law professionals and the family law system as a child and as an adult. Personal and professional lived experience fuels me to help folks bring the opportunity for peace into the sunlight. 

I’m an unapologetic nerd who trains with prolific professionals and renowned educational institutions. 

I’ve been educated by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, University of Toronto, Harvard University, University of Alberta, The Justice Institute of British Columbia, The Crisis and Trauma Institute, The Institute of Child Psychology, University of Michigan, Government of British Columbia, and the High Conflict Institute (directly by Bill Eddy LCSW, Esq.) amongst a plethora of others. 

I qualify as a mediator under s.4 of the FLA (Family Law Act) in BC. I’m a member of the Family Mediation Canada, Hear the Child Society, The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, The High Conflict Institute, and The Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario amongst others. 

Reach out! I’d love to hear from you. Let’s find real solutions that really work for you and your family.

Virtual High Conflict Team

Darcie Clark - Counsellor

DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples

SPECIALTIES: LGBTQ, Assertiveness, Boundaries, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Couples, Grief, Eating Disorders, Life Transitions

LOCATION: Virtual Only

Darcie Clarke, mc
clinical Counsellor (CCC)

Languages: English

I believe strength can be found in everyone. Sometimes it just takes a nurturing hand, an understanding ear and an open heart to create the opportunity for individuals to find themselves. I value the therapeutic relationship and the importance of creating a safe space where clients can explore and challenge themselves.


I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor through the Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and hold a CCC license. I completed my Masters of Counselling at the University of Lethbridge in 2017. 

In the space of counselling, therapists can exhibit the traits and behaviours that our clients are missing in their daily lives. It is through these genuine connections, and feelings of care and compassion that individuals can begin to feel worthy and cared for. That they’re capable of achieving their goals and improving their sense of well-being.

The following list below are my areas of specialization:

  • Assertiveness/boundaries
  • Support for queer and trans folks, children, youth and couples
  • Depression, anxiety & panic disorders
  • Past or recent trauma or abuse
  • Relationship and couples counselling
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief support
  • Life transitions

I also utilize approaches such as CBT, SFT, mindfulness, experiential, art, and play therapy techniques.

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