Music Therapy


 Music therapy at Crossroads Collective promotes emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. Participants engage in a range of musical experiences, allowing them to express themselves that transcends words. 


Music therapists are able to engage in therapeutic conversations with children using music as a tool. It allows children to build meaningful connections while working on coping skills. We offer group sessions as well as one-on-one music therapy. 

music therapy programs we offer:

6 – 8 years

Musical storytelling: Kids create sounds and sing along to musical stories such as Bear Hunt. We use percussion instruments to help tell the story. 

Puppet plays using iMovie:  Kids choose a story or write an original story and then create all the props and backdrops to film a story in iMovie. They narrate their own stories and have their puppets act out each part.  

Picture books: Kids create their own picture books during the sessions. We sketch things out, make a storyboard and then start to assemble pages into my computer.

Middle Schoolers and above

Creative Writing: Based on the interest of the child/teen, we cover the different types of writing.

Songwriting: Kids make up their own songs using Garageband and record their voices.

Music Parodies: Making videos of song parodies that they write and act out.

PSA’s: Kids write PSA’s about subjects they are passionate about.

Youtube: Kids set up their own Youtube Channels. (with parent’s permission and we film little videos and upload)

Blogging: Kids love to learn how to blog. We set up their own blog with parent’s permission.

Music Exploration: Singing and playing instruments together.



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Meet The Team

DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth Specialties: Autism, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Assessments, Social Skills, Social groups

Aimee Murdoch, BMT 

It’s my core belief that every child has a right to feel and express their emotions without judgement or repercussions. In a moment where a child may find it difficult to communicate, music therapy helps create a space that allows music to be the voice. 


I started my musical career at the age of 4 years old and utilized piano as a strong coping mechanism in my childhood. It was early on that I discovered the importance of using music as a form of expression. 

I completed an intense five-year degree receiving my Bachelor’s in Music Therapy, which then continued with a 1000 hour internship to develop my skills. I am in the process of taking my board exam in the next few months that will finalize my training and make me a certified music therapist. 

I have put in over 1500 clinical hours in multiple different populations including geriatrics, psychiatric, children, and immigrant mothers and their children. I am particularly passionate about working with children and aim to provide a compassionate, empathetic, and fun approach.