When a child is struggling in some way, they will always show you. Though it may not be
through their words, they will likely act out as a form of expressing how they are feeling.
Because a child hasn’t yet developed the skills to articulate through words completely, they’ll
often demonstrate it socially, emotionally and academically in a way that speaks volumes to
their struggle.

What is play therapy?

If your child has been showing signs of struggle, visiting our play therapy centre at Crossroads
Collective is your perfect solution. At Crossroads Collective, we are fortunate to be one of the
only counselling centres that offer this incredible service to children who need it. Read on to find
out more about our centre, what it is that we offer and how we’re different from the rest!

Play Therapy is used as a tool to help children work through their emotional issues. Through the
use of various techniques by our trained experts, this form of therapy can be used to address
issues such as:

● Behavioural concerns
● Attachment
● Communication Development
● Emotional concerns
● Relationships

When a child is introduced to a formal environment with a counsellor, oftentimes they will not
show the problematic behaviours at hand because they know they are in that type of setting. In
a play therapy session with us, the child is immersed in an environment that is comfortable and
relaxed. By engaging in playful activities, the child is able to loosen up enough that they can
open up about how they may actually be feeling with one of our counsellors.

Why is play therapy important?

Creating an environment that makes a child feel safe to open up is essential when it comes to
identifying behaviours. At Crossroads Collective, we see the value in offering face-to-face
sessions and find that this type of therapy works best when it is happening consistently over a
longer stretch of time.

play therapy session
In-person play therapy is one of the most incredible ways to help a child learn and communicate their needs and how they’re feeling.

Throughout COVID-19, we remained open and offered face-to-face
sessions with families. We understand the need for human interaction and we were able to offer
play therapy safely. Face-to-face sessions help to create a sense of mutual respect and trust
between both the child and the therapist. It also ensures that the right steps are being taken
towards shifting the behaviours that are no longer working in the child’s favour

What makes our play therapy sessions different?

At Crossroads Collective, we understand the need for safe spaces. With every service
we offer, we provide our clients with space where they feel comfortable to release and
do the inner work.

The same care and attention go into our play therapy rooms and sessions as well.
We’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of support in this offering. Because of this,
we’ve been able to expand the service to help support even more families in the lower

Crossroads Collective is opening 4-7 new play therapy rooms that are dedicated to
children. Each room will be fully soundproofed to offer music therapy and sensory
rooms where kids can openly have room to express themselves. This can happen
through using their voices, sound and being more active in a room.
We take pride in our play therapy services and look forward to helping families in person
get the most out of this service.

The benefits of our new play therapy rooms.

Have you ever noticed how much your environment plays a pivotal role in your behaviour?
Maybe you’ve experienced what it feels like to be watched over your shoulder or have felt
unsafe to express your true opinions. Well, that’s exactly why our play therapy centre is so
beneficial for children requiring support in sharing their feelings openly and healthily.
Children are so sensitive – they often won’t open up if they feel in any way that their environment
is not safe to do so. Because of this, we’ve carefully created an environment that feels light,
relaxing and playful. Just how children want to feel and a place where they can feel comfortable
being themselves.

Play therapy at Crossroads Collective looks different than other counselling clinics.

During a session, the child is encouraged to play and just be who they are! This type of activity
creates enough distraction for their mind from their issues and gives them space to open up and
feel more receptive. Like we said above, in our new and improved rooms, we’ve expanded the
spaces to allow for more freedom to move around and play with ease. The soundproofing will
also minimize outside distractions so that the child can really benefit from the session.
There are so many benefits of our play therapy centre and the rooms within it. Come see for
yourself by booking an appointment with us.

When should your child visit a play therapy centre?

Play therapy can be beneficial for your child at any given time in their life. It’s a wonderful way to
immerse them in a supportive environment that can help them thrive and grow into their unique
self. That being said, it can be that much more helpful for a child who is showing problematic
issues in their behaviour.

If they are having trouble expressing their emotions and are lashing out, it may be time to
intervene with the help of Crossroads Collective. Children do not communicate in the same way
adults do, which is why creating the right environment allows them to recreate and discuss their
feelings in a way where they are comfortable in doing so.

Introduce your child to our play therapy centre.

If your child is struggling with healthily expressing their feelings, visiting our play therapy centre
at Crossroads Collective can be a positive solution! By providing your child with a healthy and
supportive environment, they have the opportunity to grow and flourish into their best and most
expressed selves. Plus, you’ll feel good about it too as a parent who wants the best for their

Through play, your child will have a chance to feel comfortable and safe to feel seen and heard,
and express themselves fully. Taking care of a child’s mental health at a young age is crucial to
them having the tools and skills to handle those bigger issues as they arise.

Are you ready to help nurture your child’s development and help them grow?

If so, Crossroads Collective would love to support them on their journey! We have a team of play therapists who
specialize in this work and are happy to take care of your needs. Contact us to learn more about
our services
and schedule your first appointment. We look forward to learning and meeting your
child and helping your family find the solution you’re looking for.

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