Worker Bees

For the vast majority of us, our livelihoods heavily depend upon the work we do on a day-to-day basis. If we were to calculate every minute of our valuable time, hard work, thoughts, and actions we dedicate toward our job(s), we would recognize just how significant its role is within our lives. Inevitably, what we do overlaps with our personal identities, values, strengths, skillsets and more.

Forest Full of Choices

Our world is experiencing rapid changes. With growing times, traditional pathways to careers are now being intersected and diversified in countless ways. As we evolve, our perception of careers is also changing. We are no longer viewing occupation to be a single, lifelong commitment towards one field of work. In the last few decades especially, professional trajectories have charted on far more creative and offbeat roads than ever before.

The plethora of career options mapped out via innumerable routes can be tricky and overbearing to navigate all by oneself. This is where a Career Counsellor can step in as your personalized GPS, point you to your desired destination and guide you in taking all the right steps toward your professional success and satisfaction.

Cruising Through Careers

Career Counsellors are abreast of current global and economic trends, have in-depth knowledge about qualifications and requisites required for various occupations and can guide you as per your unique identity, specific interests and inclinations. Professional career guidance can also prove to be very beneficial in recognizing and capitalizing on one’s innate talents and skills. Often times, we are oblivious of our very own personalities, abilities and expertise. A Career Counsellor can be highly supportive in the process of self-discovery and also resourceful in helping you streamline career choices more efficiently. A skilled professional works hard to understand their client’s strengths and stretches, and also helps align their client’s true passion and inner calling with an occupation that embodies the very same spirit! This process can be cumbersome but a Career Counsellor can truly guide in paving a path to contentment and wellbeing, during and beyond workhours.

Career Consultation

Being an Educator and a trained School Counsellor, I have coursework and experience in supporting children and youth through many stages of development, including career counselling. Curiosity and exploration of occupation can be made fun and exciting for all ages. Whether you are a young adult seeking guidance for post high school programs or a mature adult transitioning from one profession to the other, I am happy to unpack your choices and help build awareness, insight and perspective to your decision making. As someone who enjoys this profession with passion and light, my hope is that you too, can connect your heartspace with your workspace.

Written By Mansheel Sawhney

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