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DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, and Family Therapy

SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Behavioural Interventions, Crisis Counselling, Depression, Thoughts of Suicide, Addictions, LGTBQ, Trauma (recent, acute, or historic),  Grief and Loss


Daniel Smith
Associate Counsellor & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

Life brings many amazing moments. Unfortunately, those amazing moments are often surrounded by the challenging ones, the sad ones, and frustrating ones, and all the other ones in between. Regardless of what kind of moment you’re experiencing, having someone to support you while you process, celebrate, manage, or understand these moments is crucial. Whether you’re coping or facing an unexpected challenging life event, begun feeling overwhelmed with all the emotions, are struggling to find balance between various aspects of your life, or just need someone to talk to, you’re journey to reaching a calmer, more balanced future begins with Crossroads Collective.


I found my passion helping people through turmoil and hardship early in my career. I worked in crisis response and coaching for young adults and their families for a decade, supporting people through some of the worst moments of their lives. I’ve worked with individuals with diverse needs, many experiencing mental health crises. I moved into supporting children and youth, exploring how someone’s behaviour and routine can be a tool to supporting their wellness.

I’m currently completing a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. I also have been fortunate to have taken a plethora of training and certification opportunities about crisis response, paramedicine, and leadership.

Some of my focus areas for counselling include: crisis counselling, trauma counselling (acute or historic), grief and loss counseling, LGBTQ2S+ support, anxiety, depression, youth & adolescence counselling, and addictions counselling. I work with individuals of all age groups, despite my experiences lending to younger populations.

Through my professional, personal, and educational experience, I have developed a passion for supporting others through hardships and celebrating their path to wellness. I understand that journey is seldom easy, and requires a lot of effort, dedication, and care to reach what can feel like an ever-changing horizon. I hope to join you on that journey together.


DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Adults, Couples, Families

SPECIALTIES: EMDR Trauma Therapy,  PTSD Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Anger Management,  Abuse, Intergenerational Patterns 


Marie Martin
Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC)

Languages: English

I aspire to assist people to reignite the spark inside them so they can begin living a more fulfilling life again. We all have life experiences and intergenerational patterns that leave us dull and living a half life.  We have all had our own trauma or traumas we carry for our generations past.  We have all suffered grief, losses that leave us stunned and stuck in one place, one mindset.


I am fascinated by intergenerational patterns, thought processes, complications we create for ourselves out of protection.  I am committed to finding quick, streamline and unobtrusive solutions to lift you out of pain.  I can help you with any of the following situations and more…

  • Freedom from feeling like there is something wrong with you.
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Freedom from stuck grief and loss
  • Ignite the passion within that you had long forgotten
  • Relationship and communication challenges
  • Those subtle addictions that keep in you the pain and drama

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) through Kelowna College of Professional Counselling and I am licensed through Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CCPA) . I also have a Degree in Metaphysical Science and a Diploma in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which is particularly effective with trauma and PTSD and has stunning results in controlled study groups.  I have other certifications, listed below, that I also pull tools and resources from.

I am fascinated by our patterns of behavior that we create usually between the ages of 0-7 out of protection and I am committed to learning new ways of breaking those patterns to create new patterns of expansion and growth.  I published a book in 2019, Metatron’s Code,  about a modality I created myself to start breaking down those patterns of behaviour and to free ourselves from old programming.  I use the analogy that between the ages of 0-7 we are like iPhone 4’s and have iPhone 4 software that is perfectly appropriate for iPhone 4’s.  However now we are iPhone 13’s and the IPhone 4 “software” doesn’t work for us anymore, we can’t run our “apps” or run the “newest versions”… so we have to run an update/upgrade to latest “software”.  It sounds complicated but its not, it can be surprisingly easy!

The following list below are my areas of specialization:

  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Intergenerational patterns
  • Subtle addictions
  • Personal development
  • Assertiveness / Boundaries
  • Depression, anxiety & panic disorders
  • Past or recent trauma or abuse
  • Relationship and couples counselling
  • Communication problems
  • Grief and loss counselling
  • Understanding emotions and creating emotional mastery and taking self-responsibility

I have experience with addiction working in local addiction recovery centers. I also have experience working with first nations communities. 

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DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Teens

SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, panic, and depression, Personal development, Spiritual connection, healing, and growth, Finding purpose & fulfillment, Self-love, Self-trust, and Self-worth, Assertiveness / Boundaries, Past or recent trauma or abuse, Self-sabotaging, Eating disorders, Addictions, Life transitions, Communication building, Grief, Life coaching

Amber Vandermeer
Associate Counsellor & Certified Life Coach 

Languages:  English

My mission is to help you to heal from the root of your anxiety. Everyone experiences different levels of anxiety in their life, and for some, it is constant. 

My method involves healing from a whole human perspective, body, mind, and spirit. Using body based therapies such as Somatic Therapy, I am passionate about discovering the root cause of anxiety so that you can heal, instead of just coping with the symptoms of anxiety. 


I am deeply passionate and honoured to help you through:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Inner-child healing
  • Life transitions & Big changes
  • Procrastination
  • Social Anxiety
  • Health Anxiety
  • General Dissatisfaction & Unhappiness
  • Feeling Stuck

I am a mindfulness-based Somatic Therapy practitioner, an Anxiety Coach, a Forest Therapy Guide, and a Life Coach. Using my Body – Mind – Spirit method, I help people to heal from a whole self perspective. I also use the bottom-up method, which addresses the body first. My belief is that our bodies hold the wisdom to our healing, and when we use body-based methods, we are able to heal from our traumas and create more freedom in our lives. When we have anxiety, there is something out of alignment in our lives, my method helps you to come back into alignment with your true self. 

When I was 22, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had severe anxiety, and the cancer gave me the realization that I needed to make a change. From this experience, I became passionate about healing my own anxiety, and learning where anxiety comes from, and how I can help others heal, too. Which has led me to where I am today, using trauma-informed body-based methods, along with mindset coaching, and spiritual healing. Using what I learned works best for healing anxiety, now helps my clients heal as well, helping them to finally free free, calm, and deeply joyful in their lives again. 

The following list below are my areas of specialization:

  • Anxiety, panic, and depression
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual connection, healing, and growth
  • Finding purpose & fulfillment
  • Self-love, Self-trust, and Self-worth
  • Assertiveness / Boundaries
  • Past or recent trauma or abuse
  • Self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Eating disorders and addictions
  • Life transitions
  • Communication building
  • Grief counselling
  • Life coaching

I would be absolutely honoured to help you, and to be a part of your healing & growth journey. 

Counsellor - Paul


DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Young Adults, Couples, Parents, Families

SPECIALTIES: Depression, Anxiety, Mood, Relationship Issues, Conflict Resolution, Family Issues, Self-Compassion

Paul Singh
Associate Counsellor & Virtual Counsellor

Languages:  English & Punjabi

We often forget that life is filled with ups and downs. Many experiences and relationships come with feelings of pain, anger, and sadness. These emotions and memories can be difficult to share with our family, friends, and close ones.

I believe the “right” therapist provides a space for you to feel supported, understood and guides you with education towards a life of acceptance and growth.

We are here to support you along your journey.

We are now accepting both virtual appointments as well as in-person appointments.  Click below and schedule your first visit today!

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