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Variety Club

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We are an approved vendor for any Variety Club funding and can also help you fill out the applications and help get you funds to put towards our various therapies such as Counselling, Play Therapy, Speech Therapy, Dietician Services and Massage Therapy.

Variety child grants fund adaptive equipment, specialized therapies & counselling, tuition & tutoring, mental wellness support, and private assessments.

Find out if you qualify for a Child Grant

At Variety, our vision is to empower every child with special needs to reach their unique potential. To achieve this vision we step in where health care ends to fund equipment and services by giving grants to families. Child grants you can apply for are listed here, however please visit each of there individual pages for more information:

  • Adaptive/Mobility Equipment
  • Mental Wellness
  • Private Assessments
  • Specialized Therapies
  • Tuition & Tutoring

Eligibility Requirements for Child Grants

To qualify for our mobility and adaptive equipment grants, families must meet the following criteria:

  1. The grant must be for a child who is between birth and their 19th birthday.
  2. The child must be a resident of B.C. or Yukon and must have resided here for a minimum of three months.
  3. The child must have a valid Health Care Card.
  4. The grant must be for a child with a qualified medical or developmental special need, recognized by a designated professional. (This does not apply to autism assessment requests)
  5. The family must have limited financial resources to afford the item or service required. (We are currently able to consider requests from households with an annual income of up to $85,000).

Please Note:

  • Families can apply for up to two grants in one fiscal year (October through September) with one application and one set of supporting documents.
  • Click here for information about our Type 1 Diabetes Support that has different eligibility requirements.

Maximum grant amounts, per fiscal year (Oct-Sep) given to each family, per type of child grant

  • Maximum: Adaptive & mobility equipment: $4000
  • Maximum: Van conversion: $7,500
  • Maximum: Mental wellness counselling: $2,500
  • Maximum: Specialized therapies: $2,500
  • Maximum: Autism and psychoeducational assessments: $4,000
  • Maximum: Tutoring bursary for learning disabilities: $1,500
  • Maximum: Tuition (school fees): $4,000
  • Maximum: Type 1 Diabetes Support is based on your PharmaCare Maximum Family Deductible (Slightly different than our other child grant maximums above).


    We have provided the forms necessary for you to apply for your grants/funding. If you need any help filling them out, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

    Lisa Moore

    Lisa Moore, MA

    MA Counselling Psychology, RCC, CCC, Clinical Counsellor

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults and Family Therapy 

    SPECIALTIES: Play Therapy, Special Needs Advocacy and Diagnosis, Anxiety, Depression, Career Counselling, Addictions, LGBTQIA+, Aboriginal Issues, Grief

    SHannon is one of our counsellors

    Shannon Lawrence

    Associate Counsellor (CBT) & Grief Specialist

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Families, Youth, Children

    SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Self-Esteem, Fears, Mental Health, Trauma, Personal Development, Parent Education, Blended Families, Depression, supporting parents with special needs, Autism/Adhd/ADD/OCD/ODD diagnosis

    Need some counselling? Call us!

    Mansi Parekh

    Associate Counsellor

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Young Adults, New Moms, Families

    SPECIALTIES: Play therapy, Art therapy, Special needs, Anxiety, Fear, Self-esteem, Behavioural Intervention, School and academic related challenges, supporting parents with Autism/ADHD/  ADD/ODD diagnosis

    Work with our counselling team

    Desiree D’silva, m.ED

    MA Counselling Psychology, CCC, Clinical Counselor

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples

    SPECIALTIES: Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem,  Play Therapy, Behaviour Intervention, Supporting parents with Autism/adhd/odd diagnoses

    Counsellors - Colleen

    Efrosini Stratidakis, MC

    Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults

    SPECIALTIES: Play Therapy, Behavioural Intervention, Self-Regulation, Family Dynamics, Pregnancy, Pre-natal, Post-natal, Anxiety, Depression, Self-esteem, Personal Development and Education, Conflict Resolution, Boundaries



    Amanda Morazain

    MA Counselling Psychology, RCC, CCC, Clinical Counsellor

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Group Therapy, Seniors

    SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Music Integrated Therapy, Play Therapy, Self Esteem, Life Transitions, Trauma, Mindfulness Based Techniques


    Gurdeep Patara, RPC-C

    Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling, Counselor Candidate

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Toddler, Child, Youth, Adult, Adults 65+ Individual and Groups

    SPECIALTIES: Grief & Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Low self-worth,Confidence Relationship and couples/Physical and Mental abuse


    Ana-Maria Comia, DVATI

    Art Therapist

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Families

    SPECIALTIES: Depression and Anxiety, Life transitions, Grief and Loss,  Substance Use and Addiction, Trauma, Illness


    Brent Hayter

    Clinical Counsellor (RCC), (CCC)

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Group Therapy

    SPECIALTIES: Self-Esteem, Depression, Anxiety, Thoughts of Suicide and Self-harm, Addictions, LGTBQ+, Trauma (recent, acute, or historic), Grief & Loss, Addiction, ADHD, Stress, Family Conflict, Life Coaching, Life Transitions, Parenting, Relationship Issues, Sports Performance, Men’s Issues


    Mary Tuhkala

    MA Counselling Psychology, RCC, Clinical Counsellor

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Adults, Couples, Families 

    SPECIALTIES: High Conflict, Family Support, Relationships, Emotion Regulation, Trauma, Developmental Trauma, Attachment, Parenting, Life Transitions, Play Therapy, Depression, Anxiety

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