Haylie Palichuk

Associate Counsellor, Play Therapist

About Haylie

It is not easy navigating school, friendships, and life changes, all while developing one’s own sense of self. I believe that children are incredibly resourceful, and often develop behavioural or emotional patterns to cope with these life challenges the best way they know how. Through play therapy, I aim to help your child harness their internal resources positively to help them thrive.

I believe that a therapeutic relationship built on trust, warmth, and acceptance is crucial for fostering your child’s growth and sense of autonomy. Through the language of play, I aim to step into your child’s world to explore their behaviour, emotions, thoughts, expectations, and the meaning they make of their concerns. I also consider the impact of the systems in which they exist, such as their relational, family, and cultural contexts. In a collaborative and strength-based manner, your child and I will identify their stuck points and develop strategies to support their goals and development.

I am trained at a Master’s level in Counselling Psychology through Adler University, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. I have received specialized training in child and youth therapy through Crossroads Collective’s Foundations of Play Therapy program. Informed by my educational background and previous experience as a youth worker and gymnastics coach, I aim to create a fun, supportive, and affirming environment for your child.

Whether your child is struggling with anxiety, self-worth, stress, or other life challenges, counselling can be a space to process emotions, learn regulation and coping skills, and develop healthy self-esteem. Some of the areas I can support your child with include:

·  Anxiety

·  Depression

·  Stress

·  Emotion Regulation

·  Self-Esteem

·  Coping Skills

·  Communication 

It is my hope that counselling can be a space for your child or youth to feel heard and supported while gaining the skills to take on life’s challenges with confidence. If you think your child and I would be a good fit, please reach out to Crossroads Collective. I look forward to meeting you and supporting your family.

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