Hypnotherapy Langley

Access your subconscious through hypnotherapy

Our hypnotherapy services in Langley are a proven way to access answers you would not normally have on a conscious level. Hypnotherapy is a beautiful and relaxing form of therapy that results in calmness and weightlessness after a session.

Patients treated with:

  • Psychoanalysis reported a 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavior Therapy reported a 73% recovery after 22 sessions

  • Hypnosisreported a 93% recovery after 6 sessions


Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a well-known form of therapy used for a variety of things by dealing directly with the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps allow clients to go into their subconscious and find the root cause or stories of their pre-existing symptoms. You can only access the subconscious through meditation or Hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy services attract clients who are looking for therapeutic tools and techniques to effect positive change in a relatively short period of time. Many scientific studies of clinical hypnosis validate its benefits. In 2007, for example, American Health Magazine compared psychoanalysis, behaviour therapy, and hypnosis to determine the efficacy of hypnosis treatments.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a lot like meditation in fact Hypnotherapy and meditation are both a guided journeys most people don’t realize but you are the one placing yourself into hypnosis I just guide you

Hypnotherapy is like a massage for your body and your brain  you’ll feel relaxed and calm and when you come out of a session you’ll feel lighter and at ease even after doing work

Hypnotherapy  is a process of being guided into a trance-like state by going into the subconscious mind and there we will quiet the monkey chatter known as the conscious mind and become totally relaxed and very open to suggestions of your highest good. Also, this is where 95% of our information is stored so we can access and find those exact moments where the root cause of most things are, and I guide you through your own healing moving through whatever your intended outcome is.

Hypnotherapy is as easy as learning how to meditate. If you don’t know how to meditate that’s ok too it’s not a prerequisite and after you learn and go through hypnotherapy you will be more open and easier to receive meditation.

What to expect during your session at our Langley location

Your will feel very relaxed and your body will feel very heavy but in the most beautiful way. you will feel free and weightless and you will notice you feel at peace and you will only hear my voice where I guide you into he hypnosis and you will realize you have no thoughts, no chatter just quite.

During the session the client does all the work I am just guiding you in and throughout the session.

You as the client are in full control of everything that happens during your session in fact if you wanted to get up and leave you would. Last note you must give permission to me and yourself to enter hypnosis you will never enter this state without prior permission. 

Hypnotherapy Langley

Hypnotherapy can help with:

  • Stop smoking

  • Weight loss

  • Anxiety

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Childhood trauma

  • Physiological trauma

  • Personal Development

  • Grief of loved ones including pets

  • Addictions

  • Empath

  • Past lives

  • Changing old stories and beliefs 

We are here to support you along your journey.

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Sheryne Willson
a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Somatic and Theta Practitioner, Mastermind Coach

Languages: English

Sheryne Willson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist Neuro- linguistic Programmer Mastermind Coach, Somatic and Theta Practitioner, Certified in Bioenergy and Sound Therapy. Sheryne has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 18 years, with an international online and in person practice, helping thousands of people heal themselves, mind, body and soul.


Using a variety of tools, such as EFT, Acupuncture/ Meridian Points, Tuning Forks, Language, Muscle Monitoring and years of intuition and experience to help people unlock unwanted thoughts, feelings, memories and events stuck in the mind and body.

Sheryne enjoys helping people move away from trauma and negative programmed beliefs and move towards creating a life they truly desire. Her goal is to help you allow the body to and mind to process events, while balancing energy centres and regulating your nervous system, getting you back in your body so you can reconnect to the real you. Totally and completely whole.

Refocusing the mind on a new path is key to releasing the old. Sheryne calls herself an Innermind Specialist as she has helped hundreds of people internationally online and in person, overcome addictions, past life traumas, health issues, grief and loss, broken relationships, career setbacks and all the disappointments of life.

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Tara Henderson
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist & Reiki Level 2 practitioner

Languages: English

I have been in the field just over 2 years and running my business for a year and a half in Kelowna. I do virtual and in person sessions, I also offer bi-weekly in person soul circles and many events locally. I love spreading the word of healing and building communities of like minded souls.


I often have many people ask about Virtual sessions they are equally as effective as in person sessions  its all about intent and being open. Also during COVID all hypnotherapist moved online and this created an even bigger following of online sessions.

I am a mom of two boys 8/11 I am Vancouver born and raised until relocating to the Okanagan. I love to educate and teach people, I love learning and growing spiritually. My passion Is helping others realize their potential. I love all things spiritual and believe with the right modalities and healing practices you can get through any obstacles.

I love energy work and helping show people how easy it can be to heal and let go of trauma and limiting beliefs to live a life on the right path and frequency. I want to continue growing and will be doing more exciting things in the future that will couple on to my skills and areas. I work on many different  areas with people it varies as there isn’t much I can’t help with  with the empower of hypnotherapy. My main focus and favourites areas are  trauma, addictions, anxiety and childhood trauma these are my specialties areas as I have gone through it myself and have been able to heal and change my life with hypnotherapy.

I myself have used hypnotherapy to enhance many areas of my own life from money blocks to childhood trauma and I also healed and fixed my own addiction with alcohol and I can say I am sober today due to hypnotherapy.

Since I have been through many of the same things my clients have they come to me knowing I have a real connection and ability to help. I feel more people need to understand the importance of healing and removing old stories and beliefs to create a more successful happy life with out all the baggage weighting you down.

No matter what you struggle with I start off by offering a complimentary 30 min consult and then I will always recommend doing this first session to see what the root cause is or where we should focus.

Healing can be reached in up to only 3 sessions. Everyone is different with how they go into hypnosis and how well they work in the session.

There are three types of therapy I offer for healing:

  • Parts therapy
  • Age regression
  • Past lives regression

The sessions are two hours long I also offer complimentary reiki for the last 15 mins when requested or if I think it’s absolutely necessary.

The weight loss package this is 4 sessions which combine with one trauma sessions to remove blocks and root causes and the last 3 are strictly to focus on weight loss and all sessions are two hours each

Stop smoking is also two hours and you will leave never lighting up again

Half hour reiki in person or distance

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