Online Counselling in BC


We have Counsellors all over British Columbia. With our main offices in Langley, BC, we also provide online counselling in BC since we have Counsellors located all over the province and are able to connect with you Canada-wide. We have specialists in our remote offices of Victoria, Kelowna, West Vancouver, Castlegar, among many more across Canada.

Distance should not hinder you from looking for the right Counsellor. Please reach out to us if you are interested in virtually connecting to one of our Counselling Specialists with Crossroads Collective.

Please note, the majority of our Virtual Counsellors are available for online and virtual sessions ONLY.

What is online Counselling in BC?

Online Counselling in BC is a form of counselling that takes place on the internet or over the phone. It is a more accessible form of counselling in both price and location restrictions. It allows people who are not in a major center to have access to the same quality of counselling that people who live in bigger centers. It is used by people who are seeking professional help but are not willing or able to attend a face-to-face counselling session. A lot of patients will use online counselling in BC in addition to regular sessions if they need an emergency session or if they simply cannot fit the drive in their busy schedule.

Advantages Of Online Counselling In BC

Online counselling has a lot of benefits that you might have not even thought about. We have decided to create a list of some of those advantages for you. 

  • Accessible – Not every town or city is big enough to have a vast selection of counsellors. Does that mean that the people that live there do not need or deserve the best mental health services? No it does not! With online counselling in BC, you have access to a vast array of counsellors that can help you, no matter where you are.It is also great for people who are already too busy and can’t fit a face-to-face appointment during business hours. It provides you with an alternative where you do not have to leave your home or your office.

  • Convenience & Comfort – We talked a little bit about it in the last section but not having to leave your house to seek help is an amazing benefit of online counselling in BC. Moreover, it allows you to have a real sense of anonymity since you are not visiting the office and you do not risk running into anyone you know. Most people also feel more comfortable sharing in their home since it is a comfortable and reassuring environment. It is easier to open up with online counselling since you are in a controlled environment.
  • Save Time & Money – Even if a therapist can charge the same amount of money for services online and in person, it ends up being less expensive to use online counselling in BC. The reason is, you lose less time, you don’t have to pay for gas, you don’t have to find/pay for parking and you can go right back to work after. You will literally save time and money.

History Of Distance Counselling

Tele-Counselling started more than 35 years ago but it has completely changed with the arrival of new video conferencing technologies. It used to be done exclusively over the phone and it has evolved into what we know today. Online Counselling is now an amazing and perfectionned service that helps people all over the world.

If you are interested in learning more about online counselling in BC or to book an appointment, feel free to reach out to Crossroad Collective today!

The Role Of Covid-19

Online counselling was already known and used by many but the arrival of Covid-19 in 2020 increased the demand dramatically. To answer to the increasing demand of people looking to have a counselling appointment without leaving their home, Crossroad Collective has hired a team of professionals to offer that service all over Canada.

 Nowadays, the demand for online counselling is still rising, even with the reduction of social distancing and other restrictions. Canadians all over the country have tried this type of counselling and they understand how beneficial it can be for them.

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If you want to book your first appointment for online counselling in BC or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us today. We have a team of professionals that are there to help you, no matter where you are. Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with Crossroad Collective.

We are here to support you along your journey.

We are now accepting both virtual appointments as well as in-person appointments.  Click below and schedule your first visit today!

Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

DEMOGRAPHIC: Individuals, Youth, Parents, Couples and Groups

SPECIALTIES: Life Transitions, Parenting, Divorce/Separation, Anger management/Conflict resolution, Grief/Loss,  Depression/Anxiety, Trauma or abuse, Personal Development

Darlene Mathews, MA
Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Registered Social Worker (RSW) & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

Mental health is a critical element of a fulfilling life. Yet, for some, it is just a mirage. As we transition through life, we experience unhappiness, anxiousness, depression, grief, and loss, which can have negative effects on our mind, body and soul and even negatively impact those around us. Although reaching out to a counsellor can make a person feel vulnerable it is through that vulnerability that assists us in building self-esteem, confidence and resilience to move forward in our lives.  


In my practice, I emphasize creating a trusting professional relationship using compassion, empathy and understanding your circumstance more clearly. With added support and education, we can alleviate the current intensity of the struggle or difficult situation.

I am a Registered Clinical counsellor and a Registered Social Worker and have been in private practice for over 20 years. I have worked in the health field as counsellor, advocate, coach, and group facilitator assisting people in the areas of:

  • Child development and Parenting Struggles
  • Suicide ideation and mental health in Children
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Depression and Anxiety / Mood Disorders
  • Grief and Loss counselling
  • Past or Recent Trauma
  • Communication / Anger Management
  • Assertiveness and Boundaries
  • Life Transitions
  • Personal development
  • Relationship and couples counselling
  • Eating disorders and addictions
  • Gender dysphoria, LGBTQ transitions & other issues

Some tools/training that I use in my sessions

  • CBT
  • Emotion regulation
  • Resilience building
  • Sleep Hygiene

I practice and value the client centered model knowing that you have your own answers. At this time in your personal or professional struggle, you may simply require different and unique questioning to come to a clearer understanding of your current situation. The single most important first step is to align with someone you will quickly know, like and trust so that you can be as open and honest as your forge a new path for yourself.  I am intuitive, astute and personable and would be honored to join you on your journey to a deeper understanding of your resilience and personal development.

Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Youth, Groups

SPECIALTIES: Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety, Assertive Communication/Boundaries, Critical Incident Stress Management, Depression, Domestic Violence, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Trauma (including EMDR)

Geri-Lynn Remple
Clinical Counsellor (RCC) & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

This is your journey. Only you have lived your life and become the person you are today. You know what you need, or maybe you just know you want something different, and I’m here to walk that path with you.

I offer non-judgmental, collaborative, client-centered, strengths-based support to help you process whatever it is you are working through. One of the things I enjoy most about this work is being able to help adults and youth become empowered again– remind them that they are stronger than they think, that many of the resources or answers are already there, waiting to be uncovered.


Some of the hardships I have assisted people with are:

  • Past traumas that they feel “stuck” with.
  • Recent traumas and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Working through panic attacks and other anxiety disorders
  • Improving communication in relationships
  • Working out boundaries and creating plans for difficult conversations

I have had the good fortune to be supporting people since 2007, when I began working in Mental Health and Addictions. I always knew that I wanted to be a trauma counsellor (growing up with a first responder for a father was bound to do that to one of us 4 kids), so I knew I needed to continue with my education and experience. In 2010 I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work degree and began working as a Probation Officer. While I enjoyed working with people and facilitating groups, probation was not where I ultimately wanted to be so I pursued my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree from Yorkville University. After completing that practicum in 2013 and facilitating trauma groups, I began work as a trauma counsellor in a local non-profit, assisting women who had experienced childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and/or domestic violence. More recently I have been working as a generalist counsellor, supporting people with a wide variety of issues/concerns.

My areas of specialization are:

  • Addictions
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Communication/Boundaries
  • Critical Incident Stress
  • Depression
  • Domestic Violence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma

I use the following modalities when working with clients:


  • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Psychoeducation
Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Adults, Couples, Families

SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Relationship Issues, Self Identify, Transitions, Conflict Resolution, Parenting

 Crystal Munegatto

Registered Social Worker (RSW) & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

Life can be unpredictable and challenging, which often causes uncomfortable emotions, anxiety, and changes in mood. This is also very common when we transition though different stages of life, and it can impact our self-identity. This is really common as we age into new phases of life and our roles, responsibilities, and expectations change. Not only are these life events challenging for us, they are challenging for the people around us to adapt to as well. We also go through intense periods of struggle such as grief and loss due to situations like unemployment, moving, death of a pet or loved one, divorce, and more. It is my goal to provide the support and stability needed to assist you through these difficult times.


Together we can explore ways of coping and moving forward.

I am a Registered Social Worker (RSW) through the BC Association of Social Workers (BCASW). I completed my Masters of Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Before going back to school to pursue my masters I worked as a social worker with the health authority and in adoption. I believe that my education and experience has allowed me to work with a great diversity of people in a variety of life circumstances.

I have worked in the field of mental health for the past 15 years as social worker, counsellor, and coach. The areas I have worked in include anxiety, depression, OCD, relationship issues and couples counselling, parenting and motherhood, grief and loss, substance use, identity and life transitions, personality disorders, and major mental illness such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

I have several years of experience coaching people in the areas of health and wellness, such as fitness and nutrition inspiration and accountability.

I have completed or am currently working on advanced training in:

  • Relationship/Couples Counselling
  • The Gottman Method
  • Complex Trauma Level I and II, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Satir Family Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).

The basis of my work is founded on Person Centered Theory, with the belief that the therapeutic relationship and being with the person on their journey are the most important aspects of the work we will do together.

I am a wife and mother of 4 and I am looking forward to working with you!

Paul Singh - Counsellor

DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Young Adults, Couples, Parents, Families

SPECIALTIES: Depression, Anxiety, Mood, Relationship Issues, Conflict Resolution, Family Issues, Self-Compassion

Paul Singh

Associate Counsellor & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English & Punjabi

We often forget that life is filled with ups and downs. Many experiences and relationships come with feelings of pain, anger, and sadness. These emotions and memories can be difficult to share with our family, friends, and close ones.

I believe the “right” therapist provides a space for you to feel supported, understood and guides you with education towards a life of acceptance and growth.

Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, and Family Therapy

SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Behavioural Interventions, Crisis Counselling, Depression, Thoughts of Suicide, Addictions, LGTBQ, Trauma (recent, acute, or historic), Grief and Loss

Daniel Smith
Associate Counsellor & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

Life brings many amazing moments. Unfortunately, those amazing moments are often surrounded by the challenging ones, the sad ones, and frustrating ones, and all the other ones in between. Regardless of what kind of moment you’re experiencing, having someone to support you while you process, celebrate, manage, or understand these moments is crucial. Whether you’re coping or facing an unexpected challenging life event, begun feeling overwhelmed with all the emotions, are struggling to find balance between various aspects of your life, or just need someone to talk to, you’re journey to reaching a calmer, more balanced future begins with Crossroads Collective.


I found my passion helping people through turmoil and hardship early in my career. I worked in crisis response and coaching for young adults and their families for a decade, supporting people through some of the worst moments of their lives. I’ve worked with individuals with diverse needs, many experiencing mental health crises. I moved into supporting children and youth, exploring how someone’s behaviour and routine can be a tool to supporting their wellness.

I’m currently completing a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. I also have been fortunate to have taken a plethora of training and certification opportunities about crisis response, paramedicine, and leadership.

Some of my focus areas for counselling include: crisis counselling, trauma counselling (acute or historic), grief and loss counseling, LGBTQ2S+ support, anxiety, depression, youth & adolescence counselling, and addictions counselling. I work with individuals of all age groups, despite my experiences lending to younger populations.

Through my professional, personal, and educational experience, I have developed a passion for supporting others through hardships and celebrating their path to wellness. I understand that journey is seldom easy, and requires a lot of effort, dedication, and care to reach what can feel like an ever-changing horizon. I hope to join you on that journey together.

Counsellor - Ally

DEMOGRAPHIC: Teens, Adults, Couples

SPECIALTIES:  Trauma, Anxiety and Panic, Eating disorders and Body Image Challenges, Family Dynamics, Self-esteem, Grief and Loss, Increasing Calm and Relaxation, Coping skills, Relationship Conflicts

Ally Goult
Clinical Counsellor (RCC) & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

It is my goal to build a relationship with you that is deeply rooted in warmth, genuine care, and mutual trust. I believe this creates the safety to help you move through whatever challenges or pain you are going through, whether that be anxiety, past or current trauma, eating disorders, or anything else that you feel is interfering with your ability to thrive in your daily life. 


I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through the BCCAC. I completed my Masters of Counselling through City Univeristy of Seattle in 2020, and entered into private practice and associate work in the same year.  Prior to completing my graduate education I worked as a counsellor for the YMCA, supporting at-risk youth struggling with a variety of challenges such as trauma and relationship issues. This work grounded me into a firm belief that when held in a safe, caring therapeutic relationship, all human beings have the capacity for healing, change, and resilience. 

Through my graduate research and therapeutic work, I have become very passionate about helping people who are struggling to feel safe or comfortable in their bodies, whether that be as a result of trauma, anxiety, disordered eating, or otherwise. I believe my unique blend of inner child work, parts theory, and mindfulness-based somatic therapy allows me to facilitate deep healing and increased awareness of subconscious pain, allowing people to feel a sense of freedom and self-empowerment.

The following list are my areas of specialization:

  • Anxiety, panic, and overwhelm
  • Trauma (acute or relational), and dissociation
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-esteem challenges
  • Eating disorders and body dysmorphia
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship and couples counselling
  • Divorce, separation and blended families
  • Life transitions
  • Anger management
  • Coping skills and solution finding
  • Communication building
Counsellor - Ally



Andrea La, RPC
Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

I hold the designation of Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) and received my Diploma through the Kelowna College of Professional Counsellors in 2018. I am licensed through the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA) and have been providing counselling services since 2019.

I provide my Clients with a safe, collaborative & supportive environment to help them  navigate symptoms of Trauma as they work towards healing from their deep emotional wounds and painful pasts.


In this inclusive space I use a multi-modality approach focussing on Polyvagal Theory, Somatic techniques, Talk Therapy and Mindfulness practices.  Clients learn to reconnect with their bodies, regulate their emotions and process their negative experiences.

I help empower my Clients to use their individual strengths to navigate through life’s challenges with confidence. Clients are offered Psycho-education which helps them understand themselves better & teaches my Clients tangible skills that they can use when they are struggling or in crisis.

The following list includes my areas of specialization:

  • Developmental Trauma
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Boundaries and Assertiveness
  • Depression, Anxiety & Panic Disorders
  • Relational Trauma
  • Harm Reduction
  • Relationship and Couples Counselling
  • Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Care
  • Grief & Loss
  • Life Transitions
Counsellor - Ally

 DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Adult, Individual, Group Therapy

SPECIALTIES: Grief & Loss/Chronic Illness/End of Life, Life Transitions, Health- Wellness-Lifestyle Coaching, Personal/Spiritual Growth and Development, Reiki- Master Level, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Jessica Hughes, RPC
Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) & Virtual Counsellor

Languages: English

Jessica is a Registered Professional Counsellor and a Holistic Health Coach. She works to help people who struggle with physical, mental emotional or spiritual pain to find more balance, vibrant health and wellbeing even if they have tried without success before because she offers a unique holistic approach that looks at all of who we are body, mind heart and soul.

She uses an integrative approach that’s addresses a variety or individual concerns. Being extremely empathic and intuitive Jessica has a way of tapping into and aligning with her clients to help them to get to and address the root cause of concerns.


It is through her own challenges that she has come to this body of work. She has worked hard to heal and understand her own challenges and believes that is what qualifies her the most when it comes to helping others.

If you struggle with self worth, worthiness, or feelings like you are not enough Jessica would like to help you to transition to your rightful place of self love and wellbeing. She invites you into a loving, collaborative environment where you can feel safe to explore and take a deep dive into the places where you can hear the quite whispers of your soul that have been calling you into healing and wholeness.

Jessica is a life long learner committed to staying current with continuing her education and skillset ongoingly  

Her studies include- Applied psychology of counselling, eating psychology, holistic nutrition, mind-body wellness coaching, health coaching, personal training, yoga, mindfulness, death & grief studies, Reiki healing- master level, EFT tapping and more.

Jessica Trained under Dr Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss and Life Transitions. She worked in the non-profit sector for 8 years as the Director of Bereavement services for the Central Okanagan Hospice Association offering direct client support as well as coordinating and overseeing all of the bereavement and wellness programs.

In Aug 2022 she made the decision to follow her heart and step back into her private practice full time. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice.

It is her intention and deepest desire to be a channel of love and a healing presence. She believes it is what she was put on this earth to do. She invites you if you feel called to reach out and work with her towards your highest goals.

Areas of specialization

  • Life transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • Personal / spiritual growth and development
  • Low self worth/ Confidence / Self esteem
  • Body image issues
  • Relationship / Couples counselling
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Chronic pain/ Illness/ End of life
  • Life coaching / Health coaching /Healthy lifestyle changes
  • Weight loss
  • Stress/ Burnout / Compassion fatigue
  • Anxiety/ Depression
  • Assertiveness/ Boundaries
  • Communication building
  • Coping skills
  • Career guidance
    Counsellor - Ally
    DEMOGRAPHIC: Toddler, Child, Youth, Adult, Adults 65+ Individual and Groups

    SPECIALTIES: Grief & Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Low self-worth, Confidence, Relationship and couples, Physical and Mental abuse

    Gurdeep Patara
    Registered Professional Counsellor-Candidate RPC-C

    Languages: English and Punjabi

    It’s my goal and passion in life to help people heal, grow, and navigate through periods of transitions in their lives.

    Whether you’re dealing with pain from the loss of a loved one. Or a recent job loss or career change. The family dynamics that change and can be a surprise. The feelings that can come from being lonely or afraid. The crippling anxiety that can come from something new and strange happening in your life. The times that you’re too depressed to get out of bed and start your day.

    My passion is to help people maneuver through all the obstacles with compassion and empathy in an open and calm setting.

    There are many different challenges that can come up in life, and it is my goal to help you through it by working together in a collaborative approach that gives you the skills and confidence to navigate life and all it has to offer.


    I am a Registered Professional Counsellor- Candidate (RPC-C) through the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association (CPCA). I am also registered through the CPCA and hold an RPC-C designation. I completed my Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling Specializing in Counselling at Kelowna College of Professional Counselling in July of 2020. While completing my schooling, I volunteered at KCR as a counsellor and outreach worker. Helping all types of people in whatever situation they were in. I believe that with my education and volunteer experience it has allowed me to hone my personal skills to help others and gave me the tools I need to help people get the necessary confidence to create change for themselves.

    The following list below are my areas of specialization:

    • Personal development
    •  Assertiveness / Boundaries
    • Depression, anxiety & panic disorders
    •  Suicidal Ideation
    • Suicide Crisis Intervention
    • Past or recent trauma
    • Mental and or Physical abuse
    • Low self-worth/ Confidence / Self esteem
    • Relationship and couples counselling
    • Drug and Alcohol Addictions
    • Gender dysphoria, LGBTQ transitions & other issues
    • Communication building
    • Grief/ Loss counselling
    • Career planning
      Counsellor - Ally

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Group Therapy

      SPECIALTIES: Self-Esteem, Depression, Anxiety, Thoughts of Suicide and Self-harm, Addictions, LGTBQ+, Trauma (recent, acute, or historic), Grief & Loss, Addiction, ADHD, Stress, Family Conflict, Life Coaching, Life Transitions, Parenting, Relationship Issues, Sports Performance, Men’s Issues

      Brent Hayter
      Intern Counsellor & Virtual Counsellor

      Languages: English

      We are all human beings, and we all have strengths and weaknesses. There are times in life when each one of us will encounter challenges or difficult situations. In those times, it takes courage to reach out and ask for help, but we are all in this together, and there is help here at Crossroads.

       Being of service to another human being and finding a way to help is a privilege I am grateful for whenever it is presented to me. My goal is to do just that, to help my clients find a way to work through the challenges of life in a way that best suits who they are in a safe, non-judgmental and collaborative approach. You already have everything you need to be happy and overcome the obstacles life has put in your way. My job is to help you discover and develop those strengths.


      I am an intern counsellor, which means that I have completed my formal education, and I am now able to see clients under the supervision of a more experienced therapist. I hold a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta and I am currently enrolled in my last term at Yorkville University in the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology practicum. I am a student member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) and both myself and my practicum supervisor are held to the highest ethical and professional standards as determined by the BCACC when working with clients.

      I am a passionate professional who continues to strive to improve my skillset while bringing passion to working with both youth and adults in hopes of providing them further opportunities to thrive and grow as they overcome the challenges of life.  My culturally informed style of counselling is a blend of humanistic and client-centered theoretical approaches in which I apply a variety of different techniques based on the need of the individual client.

       I have been blessed with a vast range of experiences in my professional career as a teacher, program director, athlete, coach, father of 3 adult children, and a small business owner. As a result of these opportunities and experiences, I feel I have a balanced perspective and a wide range of skills, interests, and abilities that make me very adaptable to any new challenge set before me. I also feel that this well-rounded skill set, coupled with having overcome challenges in my own life will serve me well as I continue to seek new opportunities to connect with and help people as a counsellor.

      Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Group Therapy, Seniors

      SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Music Integrated Therapy, Play Therapy, Self Esteem, Life Transitions, Trauma, Mindfulness Based Techniques

      Amanda Morazain
      Intern Counsellor

      Languages: English

      Many of us feel stuck in our daily lives, not knowing exactly how to get the progress that we want. Depression, anxiety, and trauma can hold us back from where we deserve to be and can negatively affect our well-being and relationships. No two people are the same and it is my goal to help you recognize your own unique strengths, integrating a case-specific approach to create your unique therapy plan. I am here to offer mental health support in a non-judgemental, friendly, and compassionate space.

      I am currently a student member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and have completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology through UBCO. As I complete my practicum for my Masters in Counselling Psychology I will be guided by an accredited supervisor.


      One form of therapy that I offer is one that is music-integrated, using a brief singing lesson at the beginning of the session. This can be helpful with those who are seeking to modulate their autonomic nervous system, reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, while building skills that will encourage mindfulness, self-confidence, and competency.

      Some Specific Types of Therapy I Offer:
      -Music-integrated Therapy
      -Child and Youth Counselling
      -Play Therapy
      -Couples Therapy
      -Seniors Counselling
      -Virtual as well as In-Person
      Some of the areas I can support you with include:
      -Depression                                                         -Building self-confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self
      -Time management
      -Stress management
      -Goal setting
      -Mindfulness-based techniques
      -Health and wellness
      -Personal development
      -Life Transitions

      Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Group Therapy, Seniors

      SPECIALTIES: Addictions, Career changes, Parenting, Men’s Issue, Anxiety and depression, Child and Youth

      Alex McIvor
      Virtual Counsellor

      Languages: English

      Let’s start a relationship based on trust, healing, growth, and fulfillment. My role is to walk alongside you as we delve into your emotions. I want to provide you with tools, communication, emotional awareness, and fulfillment as we navigate your struggles, successes, and transitions so you live a fulfilling life that highlights your true self, thus emphasizing your extraordinary personality. Through our work together, I would be grateful to help you navigate your experiences using empathy and without judgment in these categories:
      – Addictions
      – Career changes
      – Parenting
      – Men’s issues
      – Anxiety and depression
      – Child and youth


      I am an intern counsellor with Crossroads Collective completing my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. As a student member of the CCPA, I exercise the highest level of ethical industry standards. Before becoming a counsellor, I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and worked in sales, marketing, procurement, operations, and management roles. I opened my first business in 2014 by working with children and youth from a myriad of backgrounds. My experience led me to understand socioeconomic divides and different personality traits and propelled me to explore a career in the helping field. Through these experiences, I realized my passion lies in helping people reach their full potential.

       I believe the best if everyone. I operate from a person-centred, strength-based perspective. Also, I integrate CBT, mindfulness, narrative therapy, solution-focused and other methods to cater to your needs. I recognize that we all come from different paths and consider cultural factors and family systems.  

       The following list below are my areas of specialization:


      • Internet addiction
      • Alcohol use
      • Drug use
      • Gambling
      • Sexual addiction
      • Substance use
      • Video game addiction
      • Chronic Relapse

       Relationship Issues

      • Sexuality (Bisexual, LGBTQ+, Lesbian, Gay)
      • Marital and Premarital
      • Anger Management


      • Coping skills
      • Depression
      • Men’s Issues
      • Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
      • Anxiety
      • Career Guidance
      • Chronic Impulsivity
      • Sports Performance
      • Stress

       Child and Youth

      • Self-esteem and confidence coaching
      • Anxiety and depression
      • Career exploration with youth
      • Dealing with separation and divorce from the child and parents’ perspective
      Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Group therapy Seniors

      SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Stress Management, Life Transitions, and Behaviour Change

      Andres Beltran
      Intern Counsellor

      Languages: English and Spanish

      Sometimes in the solitude of our minds, challenges become so big that we don’t know where to start. Thoughts and feelings come in waves, and it quickly becomes difficult to make sense of things. I believe we can collaborate and develop strategies that address the underlying cause of those difficulties. Together we will co-create a space to examine thoughts and feelings from different perspectives and start the healing process. Life is full of challenges, and you don’t have to take this all on your own. Let’s work together to identify and build on your strengths so that you can feel more prepared to face the next storm.


      Our work together can look many ways, as my goal is to tailor my approaches to your needs. There are a variety of lenses that will inform our work together. I believe that you have strengths and resources that can be supported and expanded, and we can look.

      I also take the perspective of seeing the person in their environment. This means that I see the challenges that a person faces influenced by many different factors both in and around them, and we can explore different ways of thinking about and acting.

      My practice lens is informed by seeing the person in their environment. This means that I believe that your experience is influenced by the communities and environments you interact with. Together we might explore ways to modify your surroundings and strive to find a better fit. I aim to support individuals holistically, recognizing the importance of and integrating a person’s social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

      I come to you with a strengths-based and person-centered perspective; that is, I believe you have an abundance of strengths and resources to draw from. Together we can refine these strengths so you can take on new challenges.

      I am completing my Master of Social Work Degree at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, and I plan to register as a clinical counsellor with the BCACC and as a social worker with the BCCSW. I have been living here in Kelowna for 7 years and take pride in helping build a resilient community. Over the past 5 years, I have worked with youth in our community delivering nature-based psychoeducation and recreation programs. I also spent time working in a restorative justice program, supporting youth, parents and families in promoting healing where interpersonal conflict and harm were experienced. I was a volunteer for a national crisis and suicide intervention line and had the honour of speaking with many individuals at very vulnerable times of their lives. I got to witness the strength and resilience people have when given the opportunity to be heard. From these experiences, I have a better understanding of the importance of unconditional positive regard, non-judgement, empathy, and genuine relationship. These are building blocks that we can use to co-create a therapeutic alliance. Lastly, I want to recognize the courage and self-awareness it takes to reach out for help. 

      Some Specific Types of Therapy I Offer:

      • Motivational Interviewing
      • Child and Youth Counselling
      • Using the outdoors in therapy
      • Play Therapy
      • Virtual as well as In-Person

      Some of the areas I can support you with include:

      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Stress Management
      • Life Transitions
      • Career Planning
      • Goal Setting
      • Behaviour Change
      • Boundaries
      • Self-Esteem