About Us

Welcome to Crossroads Collective

The mission of our collective is to provide our clients with the best care possible, and offer multiple therapeutic services at one location. We put the health of our clients first, and we have multiple therapists who work together to create a recovery plan for our clients. Whether you experienced an injury to your body or have gone through a traumatic experience, or are having behavioural issues with your children, or need parenting strategies. We aim to heal your body and help you and your family achieve mental health wellness.

We are proud to offer the following services at our clinic:

We hope to add more services to this list in the near future and welcome applicants to join our collective should they have a valuable skill that would enhance our clinic but more importantly offer additional modalities of wellness for our client base.

Marianne Cottingham, MA, BHSc

Owner, Clinical Director
Clinical Counsellor & Registered Massage Therapist


Marianne Cottingham

Lisa Moore, MA, RCC, CCC

Owner, Director of Business Management
Clinical Counsellor
Lisa Moore