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We offer a number of group counselling and workshops including couples workshops, anger management groups, anxiety groups for children and adult anxiety groups. Browse below the full details of all groups and workshops we put on.

If you would like to make payment installments, or if the cost is an obstacle to attending, please reach out to issues possible options. 

Couples Workshop

Learn to be attuned, responsive and engaged with your partner. We help couples understand love, emotions and needs. This allows partners to control negative dances and create a loving bond. We discuss the following throughout the 8 sessions: 

1) Recognizing demon dialogues   

 2) Finding the raw spots  

 3) Revisiting a rocky moment 

 4) Hold me tight – engaging and connecting  

 5) Forgiving injuries   

 6) Bonding through touch 

 7) Keeping your love alive   

Cost: $275 plus GST 

Anger Management Group

In this course, we explore the root causes of your personal journey with anger. We learn about why we feel the way we do and our goals for positive change. This anger management group will provide healthy techniques to practice in your life outside the class. 

This group setting is helpful to share experiences, support each other and practice what we learn in the class.   

Video Intro to Anger Management

Cost: $200 plus GST


Anxiety Group for children


This group starts with positively reframing the anxiety within children as a “talent for creative worrying” and a “sensitive body alarm system”. 

Each session includes skills which the children will learn and be engaged to practice during the week.

Cost: $120 plus GST

Adult anxiety group

Anxiety in adults is one of the most common mental health issues today. Instead of feeling like you can’t face the day, we’re here to show you how to reduce your anxiety. We offer new coping methods, along with emotional anxiety support. 
Cost: $180 plus GST

Rebuilding Your Relationship Workshop

This 10-week educational workshop helps people adjust to the ending of a love relationship. The sessions are for 3 hours, one night a week for 10 weeks. We’ll discuss the following topics: 

  1. The Rebuilding Blocks: The rebuilding blocks give you an overview of the adjustment process when experiencing the loss of a relationship.
  2. Adaptation: You may have learned adaptive behaviour during your formative years in order to get your needs met. These adaptive behaviours may have become maladaptive in your adult relationships.
  3. Grief: Grieving your various losses of love. There is a connection between overcoming denial, grieving and disentangling from a former love partner.
  4. Anger: Ending a love relationship results in feelings of anger. Resolving anger allows you to find forgiveness for yourself and your former love partner. 
  5. Self-worth: Improving your feelings of self-worth will help you move beyond pain and find the strength to grow.
  6. Transition: After improving your self-worth, you are emotionally stronger and ready to experience personal growth. You are ready to wake up and begin taking charge of your life.
  7. Openness: You have been using a great deal of emotional energy trying to be someone other than who really you are. You may choose to be free to be you.
  8. Love: Is it okay to love yourself? The more you love yourself, the more you can love others.
  9. Relatedness: The relationships that develop following the ending of an important relationship can be an important part of your growing process. You may find the friendships you make can help you grow and adjust.
  10. Sexuality: You long for emotional intimacy but you are afraid. Intimacy starts with becoming better acquainted and more intimate with yourself. Understanding your own sexuality, and learning more about the way others feel will be helpful.

Cost: $275 plus GST

The Defining Decade Workshop

What every 20-somethings need to know – and all Millenials – Based on the Book by Meg Jay

The vision that you want is out there, you just have to create it. This workshop is for people in their 20s and the work we do together highlights how the job market has shifted. We introduce “identity capital”, which is the collection of skills, relationships and professional resources we build up over our lives. 

We discuss the feeling of failure, love, choosing life partners and how to react to negative information correctly. As young adults, many try to quit the situation or job when things get tough. We break down the why behind this need and what to do instead. 

This workshop is for those who are ready to set goals for themselves and actively work towards accomplishing them.

Cost: $40 plus GST

Special Needs Workshop

If you’re struggling with getting a diagnosis for your child, or recently received one and you’d like to learn more about it, this workshop is for you. We’ll cover how to get a formal diagnosis, resources for early development, school age children and teenagers. 

This workshop will also dive into developing and implementing robust individual learning plans (IEP’s) and navigating the public school system. We’ll discuss what’s offered by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the Child Tax Credit and the Child Care Subsidy. 

Cost: $40 plus GST

Vision board night

At Crossroads Collective we believe in growth and transformation. One way to propel this growth forward is through the act of intention. Through creativity and art, we can create our own vision boards and maximize our potential. This group is held once every two months and space is limited. 

Cost: $50 plus GST. Supplies are included.

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