High Conflict Team & Mediation

The High Conflict Team specializes in working with separated/divorced families who are or have been court involved. The stress and emotional drain of going through separation/divorce is substantial and when a family is also court involved, the additional stress and pressure can feel enormous and unmanageable. As professionals, working with this population requires additional training and specialized knowledge. Our team is dedicated to supporting families through this difficult time. 

The High Conflict Team

How a Court Involved Therapist can help

Hear The Child Report


  • Co-parent Counselling
  • Parent Coaching
  • Child/Youth Therapy
  • Therapeutic Supervision of parenting time
  • Litigation Support
  • Managing Child Resistance & Refusal



    • Creation of parenting plans
    • Implementation of parenting agreements/plans
    • Specialized parenting plans in consideration of:
    • Domestic violence
    • Power imbalance
    • Substance use
    • Special needs child(ren)


      • Section 211 Reports
      • Views of the Child Reports
      • Hear the Child Reports



        • Preparation for participation in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
        • Pre-mediation Coaching
        • Family Mediation



          • English
          • Punjabi
          • French

          Working with the High Conflict Team

          If you are thinking of working with the High Conflict Team, you know this is not the same as “regular” counselling. Understanding the high level of stress you are experiencing, the court system and the polarizing nature of litigation make this area very specialized. Our additional training and continuing education are specific to the challenges faced by court-involved families. 

          Resistance & Refusal Dynamics

          Parental alienation is the well known term used to describe unfortunate instances wherein there are contact issues or resistance/refusal on the part of a child toward a parent. Regardless of what term is used, these challenges often present with significant emotional upset and families are at a loss as to how to repair the relationships.

          If a family is unable to overcome the resistance/refusal of the child(ren), therapeutic intervention is needed. Repairing the parent-child relationships and helping the family to experience healthy relationships is our goal. Each family is unique and our team uses a family systems approach that includes several family members.

          When our team works with resistance & refusal dynamics, the parents are required to sign a Services Agreement. After the initial inquiry, the next phases include the intake process, establishing treatment goals, and then providing therapeutic interventions that are specific to the goals and the challenges your family is facing.

          Please direct your inquiries to hctcrossroads@gmail.com and specify that you are inquiring about work with the High Conflict Team.

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          High Conflict Team

          Marianne from Crossroads Collective in Langley BC - Counselling Services.

          Marianne Cottingham, MA

          Clinical Counsellor (CCC)

          SERVICES OFFERED: Co-parent Counselling, Resistance and Refusal Intervention, Parent Coaching, Therapeutic Supervision, Family Systems Therapy, Section 211 Reports

          LOCATION: Langley, BC

          Amanjot from Crossroads Collective in Langley BC - Counselling Services.

          Amanjot Gill, MSW

          Registered Social Worker (RSW)

          SERVICES OFFERED: Resistance and Refusal Intervention, Therapeutic Supervision, Child/Youth Counselling, Hear The Child Reports

          LOCATION: Langley, BC

          Darcie Clarke

          Darcie Clarke, MC

          Clinical Counsellor (CCC)

          SERVICES OFFERED: LGBTQ, Assertiveness, Boundaries, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Couples, Grief, Eating Disorders, Life Transitions

          LOCATION: Virtual Only


          Talia Spear C.CFM C.FRM

          Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator

          SERVICES OFFERED: Family meditation, Pre-mediation Coaching, Co-parent Coaching, New Ways for Families Coaching

          LOCATION: Langley, BC

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