Spiritual Healing: The 4th Pillar

Welcome to The 4th Pillar at Crossroads: Spiritual Healing!

spiritual healing

The first three pillars involve your mental, emotional and physical health. The 4th Pillar encompasses your spiritual healing and well-being. Spiritual health and wellness can manifest in different ways for different people. Perhaps you are searching for greater love & connection, forgiveness, healing, growth, or deeper meaning & purpose in your life. You may have found your way to us while walking in the wake of grief and loss, or perhaps you experience chronic pain or health complications that weigh you down. We seek to provide you with guidance and love that allows you to experience peace, and the ability to live your life to the fullest. Trust your journey; we are glad that you are here.

Healing the Soul at the “Soullular” Level with Roxanne

Roxanne is a Master Shaman who implements her healing modalities and interconnectedness with her Indigenous Metis Healing Roots which is referred to as Shamanic Healing, Roxanne works with clients on an individual basis as the scope of her work is personal profound work, where she explores the energetic imprints and disruptions that are occurring within your Chakras, Soul and Spiritual Path, Roxanne acts as the conduit for the Spiritual and Animal Guides to re-establish the connection to your Souls’ energetic source.

Life Coach - Roxanne

Here are just a few things that you will uncover throughout your Healing Journey

Some of the resources that Roxanne utilizes to effect “Soullular” Healing are as follows; Elk Drums, Traditional Native Drums, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Crystals, Rattles, Elevated Music Frequencies, Magnets, Smudging, Singing, Dancing, Chanting  and so forth.

  • Awakening to the truest essence of your Soul
  • Discovering an Enlightened Love for your Soul
  • Connecting you with your Spiritual and Animal Guides
  • Guiding you on how to formulate your questions to your Spiritual and Animal Guides
  • Guiding you on how to retrieve the answers from your Spiritual and Animal Guides
  • Guiding you to learn how to preserve and re-energize your energy
  • Guiding you to restore the energetic disposition within your Chakras
  • Shedding all the conformities and conditionings that have befallen you
  • Guiding you through an incredible Shamanic Healing Ceremony in Nature
  • Guiding you through an incredible Shamanic Healing Celebration in Nature
  • Guiding you to Healing the disruptions and negative imprints within your energy that are causing illnesses within the Mind, Body and Soul

How can a Shaman guide me towards Healing?

Shamanic healing is based in anything we need to do to get the four bodies to communicate to the source, to receive the healing they need. To expand further, Shamanic healing is about being able to connecting with one, or all of the four spirits “the four bodies” in a person; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Healing then requires us to align those bodies with the magnetic energy of source, the creation of energy and be able to heal themselves. This can happen through the use of clearing spirits which do not belong in these bodies etheric entities for example or activating energies within those bodies, or simply having a person look at their dreams. Shamanic healing can also result in teaching someone how to communicate with their spirit. Through shamanic healing, you can learn to communicate with your body to find out what it’s going through and change whatever the body needs. For example, being able to change the body’s temperature, change the direction of the energy or relax certain muscles and so forth.

Timing is important

The Spirit World generally doesn’t need any time before they can communicate but in Melissa’s experience, you may need time to process things a little before having a reading.  She recommends that people take some time to experience their grief prior to seeking a mediumship reading. Heavy grief can actually make the connection process a little more daunting. Melissa always wants her clients to have the best experience they can possibly have. If you aren’t ready emotionally, it could be detrimental to receive a reading. Our recommendation would be to wait at least 3 months prior to booking. As with anything, everyone is a little different and situations can be very unique but this recommendation is generally a fair guideline.

We are here to support you along your journey.

Group Readings for Melissa are in-person for group readings. Roxanne is available virtually online. Click below and schedule your first visit today!

Michael Zibauer - Counsellor


DEMOGRAPHIC: Women 30-50

SPECIALTIES: Art of Self-Mastery, Profound Soulful Healing, Transformational Journeys, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Enlightened Love for Self and Others, Forgiveness of Self and Others, Awakenings & Ascensional Periods

Roxanne Chaput

Master Shaman, Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Enlightened Love Coach, Certified Confidence Coach, Certified Cognitive Behaviour Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Forgiveness Coach & Shaman

Languages: English

I am a Life & Love Coach, Spiritual Guide and Shamanic Energy Healer. My Soul’s purpose is to guide you to heal within the profoundness of your Soul without holding onto all of your detrimental limiting self-beliefs, pre-fixed (3D) conditions, feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness that is limiting you to achieving everything that you desire for your life.


I have 4 beautiful children with an incredible Life partner. Through my Shamanic practice, I will guide you through the lower, middle and upper worlds, where you will meet with your Spirit and Animal Guides, these guides will assist you in the beautiful process of Healing your energy, in guiding you to a place of Enlightened Love for self and others, which will then lead to a beautiful Awakening!

Through my Shamanic practice, I will guide you through an Incredible Shamanic Healing Journey that will positively affect every aspect of your life as I navigate the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds to connect you with your Spiritual and Animal Guides to seek the answers to your deepest healing questions, I will guide you to Heal at the “Soullular” level so that you may let go of the concept of what is and what isn’t, so that you can release the deep-rooted pain, hurt, resentment, guilt and so forth. Once I have connected you to your Spirit Guides you will embark on a physical Healing Journey and Celebration, to finally let it all the H*ck Go once and for ALL!

Furthermore you will leave this Shamanic Healing Journey with a great understanding of Shamanism, which is the most ancient healing practice known to man, dating back 100,000 years. In addition to healing your Soul, when we heal at a “Soullular” level, we connectively heal the mind and the body as well, which leads us to an incredible sense of Enlightened Love and Connection to Self and Others which naturally gravitates us to an incredible Awakening. This is a journey for only those who are ready to truly heal!

My Soul’s purpose is to provide you with a safe and powerful place to discover the answers you need to move forward spiritually, energetically, personally with absolute purpose and clarity. My guiding belief is in the power of self-awareness as this is the fuel for personal growth and self-mastery, which allows you to make positive changes, find your happiness and create a soul(filled) life. With proven tools and techniques, you will be able to discover your Highest Self, your truest desires and manifest the life of your dreams. In essence, my mission is to Guide, Heal, Love, Awaken, Inspire, Ignite Energetic Passion and Empower.

Amazingness within one’s own self by Guiding you to your purest energetic form!