Kaitlin Petter

Intern Counsellor, Play Therapist

About Kaitlin

The path to healing looks different for everyone. By trying counseling, you are taking an effective step to better understanding yourself and your options when it comes to improving your life path.

If you are looking for a space to feel genuinely understood, to safely express all of your feelings (even the really scary ones), to vent and hash out difficult experiences or thoughts without judgment, and maybe even to create an action plan for change; I can help.

I serve all communities, including: 

  •  Couples and families
  •  Poly-various relations
  •  LGBTQ2+ peoples
  •  Peoples legally required to participate in therapy
  •  Peoples experiencing various addictions
  •  Peoples experiencing concurrent (at the same time) mental health and substance use concerns
  • Anyone with race and/or religious and/or ability based concerns that impact their mental wellness
  • Sex workers or anyone with previous sex work experience 

We will work together as a team on the journey to improve your well-being. 

I am currently in the practicum portion of my Master’s Degree in Counseling, which means you will get the benefit of receiving therapy for a reduced cost, and the additional benefits of heightened therapist accountability, and professional guidance from some of the most experienced counselors at our clinic. 

I hold an undergraduate Degree in Psychology, as well as a certification from CAMH for Treatment of Concurrent Disorders. I have been trained by CrossRoads Collective in their newly developed Play Therapy Program, I am Suicide Safe Talk certified, and have multiple years of experience working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. I believe deeply in the usefulness of harm reduction in all spaces, the legitimacy of everyone’s unique life experiences, and everyone’s capacity for change, whatever that may look or feel like for each individual or family unit. 

I personally believe in a holistic approach to wellness, and subscribe to the understanding that the mind and the soul are not separate from the body. Choosing me to be a part of your therapeutic team means we will assess and address areas of your physical and spiritual wellness that also impact your mental wellness, like sleep, diet, ritual, movement, acts of self love, social relations, and so forth. 

It is crucially important for therapeutic success that you find a therapist that you connect with and feel confident in. Knowing the therapist’s strengths and interests beforehand can be helpful in determining who is a good match for you. The strengths and interests I possess, and am constantly developing are:

  • Child Play Therapy 
  • Narrative writing for traumatic experiences or childhood traumas
  • Understanding and treatment of depression
  • Safety planning for those with thoughts of suicide and/or self harm
  • Treatment at any stage of the addiction experience
  • Practicing effective conflict response
  • Working through unresolved/unresolvable experiences or relationships
  • Working through divorce (for youth and adults)
  • Difficult somatic (body) experiences
  • Understanding and treatment of anxiety
  • Understanding and living with personality disorders (for the person experiencing and their loved ones)
  • Therapy during transition at any stage
  • Mind, Body, Soul connection 
  • Life Direction work and planning
  • Improving communication
  • Improving boundary setting and execution
  • Grief and loss/Death related therapy

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