Behavioural Consultation

Helping Children deal with big feelings

When working with parents, we set up an initial behavioural consultation to discuss any concerns with our counsellors or behavioural programmers. Next, we meet with the parent and our support team together. We discuss goals and strategies to help the child move forward. 

These can include play therapy, therapy animals and taking them out in the community. Our team of behavioural programmers and counsellors in Langley will also create a wrap around approach by working with parents, teachers, school counsellors to create the right IEP goals. 


Behavioural Consultation Wheel

Behavioural Intervention

This type of behavioural modification therapy uses reinforcement to intervene in behaviours that could negatively affect a child. 

One of the biggest challenges parents face is managing the difficult or defiant behaviour. These techniques will provide a roadmap on how to manage and regulate children’s behaviours. 

Behaviour interventionists work directly with parents to implement therapy programs based on their children. Skills learned during behaviour intervention include:

  • Communication, play and social skills
  • Functional life skills and daily living skills
  • Sensory systems and self-regulation
  • Gross and fine motor skills

    The ABC’s of Behaviour Management at Home 

     To understand problematic behaviour, consider what came before it as well as after. 

    Antecedents: Preceding factors that make a behaviour more or less likely to occur. Learning and anticipating triggers is an extremely helpful tool in preventing misbehaviour. 

    Behaviours: The specific actions you are trying to encourage or discourage. 

    Consequences: The results that naturally or logically follow a behaviour. Consequences — positive or negative — affect the likelihood of a behaviour recurring.


    If you are having difficulties with behaviours at home, give us a call to discuss your child’s needs. We would be happy to set an Initial Consult meeting. Crossroads Collective can also help you find funding through local agencies should you need to access these resources. 

    We also offer these additional services:


    • Child Play Therapy
    • Self Esteem and Confidence Coaching
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Career Exploration with Youth
    • Dealing with Separation and Divorce from the child and parents perspective
    • Helping parents and children with strategies to deal with ADHD and ADD
    • Assessments for Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder


    • Conflict management

    • Improving communication

    • Creating & managing parenting plans

    • Parent education

    • Healthy discipline strategies

    • Building healthy parent/child connections

    • Repairing relationships

    • Focused on best interests of the child


    • Access to Assessments and Diagnosis

    • Psycho-Educational, Autism, ADHD Testing

    • Referral to local Psychologists for Assessments and Testing

    • Referral to local Behavioural Consultants and Creating a Behavioural Intervention Team

    • Mediation with School Districts and IEP Planning

    • Access to 3rd party Funding and Ministry of Children and Family Case Workers

    • Completing government and agency paperwork to obtain funding, therapy and resources

    • Family Planning at transitional ages: birth, school age and adult


    •  Anxiety Management for Children
    • Anxiety Management for Youth
    • The Defining Decade
    • Healthy boundaries
    • Couples retreats
    • Healing relationships

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    Meet The Team

    Lisa Moore - Behavioural Consultation

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults and Family Therapy 

    SPECIALTIES: Play Therapy, Special Needs Advocacy and Diagnosis, Anxiety, Depression, Career Counselling, Addictions, LGTBQ, Aboriginal Issues

    Lisa Moore, ma
    Lead Counsellor

    It’s my goal to help people heal and grow through periods of transitions in their lives. Many of us experience loss, grief or unhappiness as we transition from one role to another in our daily lives. 

    It’s my honour to help counsel you during these difficult transitions and help you heal from any of these experiences: 

    • Dream you don’t achieve
    • Changes in career
    • Diagnosis of a child with special needs
    • A loved one entering long term care
    • Divorce from a spouse 
    • Beginning of a new marriage

    I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through BCCAC. I am also licensed through CCPA and hold a CCC license. I completed my Masters of Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University and began working in my own private practice in 2016.  Before going back to school to pursue my masters, I worked as a senior executive in sales and marketing.  I believe that my unique education has allowed me to help people grow and develop and create change for themselves.

    About 10 years ago, I became involved in helping a family with special needs children and it was through that journey that I came to the work I am most passionate about; helping parents of special needs families. Using play therapy, I am able to access children for ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Autism and other types of learning disabilities.

    The following list below are my areas of specialization:

    • Personal development
    • Assertiveness / Boundaries
    • Depression, anxiety & panic disorders
    • Phobias
    • Past or recent trauma or abuse
    • Relationship and couples counselling
    • Addictions
    • Divorce, separation and blended families
    • Eating disorders and addictions
    • Life transitions
    • Gender dysphoria, LGBTQ transitions & other issues
    • Communication building
    • Grief counselling
    • Career planning


    • Child play therapy
    • Self esteem and confidence coaching
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Career exploration with youth
    • Dealing with separation and divorce from the child and parents perspective
    • Helping parents and children with strategies to deal with ADHD and ADD
    • Assessments for Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder


    • Access to assessments and diagnosis
    • Psycho-educational, Autism, ADHD testing
    • Referral to local psychologists for assessments and testing
    • Referral to local behavioural consultants and creating a behavioural intervention team
    • Mediation with school districts and IEP planning
    • Access to 3rd party funding and Ministry of Children and Family case workers
    • Completing government and agency paperwork to obtain funding, therapy and resources
    • Family planning at transitional ages: birth, school age and adult
      Nadine Viker - Behavioural Programmer

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults & Parents

      SPECIALTIES: Child Play Therapy, Assessments for various Diagnoses, ADHD, Autism, ODD

      Nadine Viker
      Behavioural Programmer and Technician

      My personal experience and love for children has helped me realize that many parents need support. I have a passion for helping children and parents navigate challenging times:

      • With school and academics 
      • Socially with friends 
      • In the home
      • Handling emotions and behaviours

      I am a mother of two children, and through my travels working with children in the school based system, I came to realize that I had a special gift for helping parents and children find solutions to difficult issues. Having resolved these issues, both parents and children experienced better quality of life.

      I have worked with children for the past five years in the school system as an Education Assistant.  This passion for helping children grow and excel propelled my quest for learning.  I began to learn and practice counselling through child play therapy.  I also have experience doing assessments with children to help get parents diagnoses for their child, and then put a plan in place to help parents access resources and funding within the community and the school district.

      My hope is to make a difference in the lives of these families and I would very much like to meet with your family and help make a difference in your lives.

      Shannon Lawrence - Behavioural Programmer
      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Young Adults and Parents.

      SPECIALTIES: Behavioral Intervention, Behavioral Consultation, programming, Child play therapy, Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, ODD, Assessments, Positive Behavioral support plans, social skills, social groups, IEP’s, job placement supervision, parent teaching.

      Shannon Lawrence
      Certified Play Therapist
      Behavioural programmer

      “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”Dr. Seuss

      I have over 20 years experience working with young children, families and youth. I became very intrigued by the minds of children on the spectrum, so I enrolled at Douglas College. This is where my journey started into the world of Autism and other neurological disorders. 


      Whether it is Autism, Asperger’s, Anxiety Disorder, ADHD and ODD, I have worked with many different multidisciplinary teams supporting individuals with challenging behaviours.

      I recently took Expressive Sand Play Therapy at Trinity Western University as well as completing my certificate in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). I have experience in Play Therapy as well through the Justice Institute of BC.

      My goal is to help each client with their unique individuality and aspirations. I have a passion for teaching, playing, learning, and bringing out the best in all adults and children.


      Cassandra Hildebrand - Behavioural Programmer

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Young Adults and Parents.

      SPECIALTIES: Autism and Anxiety, Behavioural Intervention, Programming, Respite, Play therapy, Social Skills, Special needs swim instructor 

      Cassandra Hildebrand
      Behavioural Programmer and Technician

      I find the best outcome to my intervention is to look for strengths in each individual child and use those to help their areas of need. This allows a child to learn in a way that is not only meaningful to them, but also in the way their brain works best. I help ease challenging behaviours by using ABA and other expressive methods to help with anxiety, social/emotional, behavioural and sensory issues.


      I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Counselling from KPU. I am currently completing a Counselling Psychology Masters Degree. 

      For the past ten years, I have been involved in multiple ABA teams. I have worked with children in a variety of settings including, home-based, swim instructing, and community-based programs.

      Through collective collaboration, I will support your family with practical techniques that can be implemented into daily life. My goal is to build a strong foundation for the now and future by incorporating play and fun into our sessions. I love finding ways to disguise work as games to create a positive and enriching experience for your child. I can ensure peace of mind knowing your child will enjoy their time with me and look forward to coming back.

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth Specialties: Autism, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Assessments, Social Skills, Social groups

      Aimee Murdoch, BMT, MTA 

      With my experience of working with children I have grown to realize that more children than not require more guidance in navigating the challenges of childhood. I have a strong passion of assisting children through these milestones and be a strong advocate for the support they need.


      For as long as I can remember I have worked with children, whether that be in the school system, out of homes, or through summer camps, I grew to realize that my heart has a large space reserved for these children who need this extra support.

      I believe in being an advocate for these children and educating and assisting families on how to pilot through these challenging years.

      Through my education of Music Therapy, I have adapted many of my interventions to tailor towards behavioural issues that arise. My goal is always to work through these behavioural attributes and get to the root of the behaviour.

      My passion of working with children has inspired me to continue my education and work towards my master’s in counselling psychology, as well as to practice the use of counselling through child play therapy.

      My hope is to make a difference for families, and to aid in guiding you through helping your child through any struggles that may arise.

      DEMOGRAPHIC: Children and Youth

      SPECIALTIES: Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Developmental and Cognitive Delays, Special Needs Children, Social Skills, Peer Social Groups

      Brittany Butcher
      Behavioural Technician

      With years of experience working with children of all exceptionalities I have come to learn how much it truly takes to help support and encourage children and youth reach their individual goals and potential . As an Education Assistant I know all to well how much it truly takes a specialized team to address the complicated and difficult challenges that come along with having a child with mental , cognitive and physical differences. As a mother myself I also know first hand how much love and positive reinforcement children of all walks of life benefit from .  Working with children and youth is my passion and I come at it in a lighthearted loving positive and patient mindset .

      Four years ago I decided my heart was elsewhere and decided to take a leap of faith and change careers. It has always been a huge passion for me to help others so I quit my job and enrolled in school and I knew I had found my calling. Since then I graduated and have immersed myself in all aspects of where this career has taken me. I work during the day at a high school in Burnaby where I work with a variety of students with varying degrees and types of needs , on the weekends I offer respite for kids in foster care and after work on the weekdays I do behavioral intervention and host a group that focuses on self esteem and mental health . I have goals to continue to learn and grow so I can be the best support to all Children and Youth I get the opportunity to work with . I hope to be a part of your family’s journey to support , help and walk along side you .