Behavioural Programmers

Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Adults, Couples, Families 

SPECIALTIES: High Conflict, Family Support, Relationships, Emotion Regulation, Trauma, Developmental Trauma, Attachment, Parenting, Life Transitions, Play Therapy, Depression, Anxiety

Mary Tuhkala
MA Counselling Psychology, RCC, Clinical Counsellor

Languages: English

Parenting is the most important and most difficult job in the world. As a parent and a Play Therapist, I understand.

I fully trust the Play Therapy process after witnessing the growth and learning in my playroom. At the same time, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, resources, and strategies with parents. Strengthening parenting skills increases confidence and creates space for more connection outside of the playroom.


With many years of parent coaching and behaviour intervention experience, I am well versed in evidence-based practices and current resources. My work with parents includes family systems, boundaries, effective communication, understanding child development, understanding behaviour, and attachment-based parenting.  My treatment plans take into consideration your unique family, including making space for neurodiversity, trauma, and mental health. The overall goal of parent coaching is improved parent-child connections and an increased quality of life.

Shannon Lawrence - Behavioural Programmer

DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Families, Youth, Children.

SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Self-Esteem, Fears, Mental Health, Trauma, Personal Development, Parent Education, Blended Families, Depression, supporting parents with special needs, Autism/ADHD/ADD/OCD/ODD diagnosis. 


Shannon Lawrence
Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling, Counselor Candidate

Languages: English

Are you stuck at a crossroad in your life, and you are not sure which road to take? Let me assist you in teaching you the skills you need to grow yourself and or your children. I can help your child deal with unexpected life struggles and behaviors. Or are you struggling with a recent separation/divorce? I can help! I have experience in Play Therapy, CBT, Grief Therapy, and run Grief Support Groups. I can be utilized as a Behavioural Consultant, Play Therapist, or Grief Therapist. My goal is to help you support your child or support you in your journey right now.


As an empathic listener for my clients, I treat them with kindness and a non-judgemental approach. I believe that all people pose an internal drive towards positive change and growth. Let me assist you in reaching new goals for your child/youth and family. I have had experience working with a wide range of children and families, blended, or separated.

Some of the diagnoses that I have worked with are Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, ODD, OCD, Behavior Issues, Stress, Autism, Grief. I have helped families in all these areas, plus more. I have a passion for teaching, playing, learning, and bringing out the best in all. Let me assist you on your journey or your child’s journey. We are in this together!

Counsellors - Mansi

DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Young Adults, New Moms, Families

SPECIALTIES:  Play therapy, Art therapy, Special needs, Anxiety, Fear, Self-esteem, Behaviour Intervention, School and academic related challenges, supporting parents with
Autism/ADHD/ADD/ODD diagnosis



Mansi Parekh 

MA Counselling Psychology, Clinical Counselor Intern

Languages: English, Hindi & Gujarati

Your story, your pain and your collection of struggles and memories are unique to you. My overall goal in therapy is to build a grounded relationship with my clients and facilitating them to. My approach is interactive, warm, and accepting; helping my client, which includes children, youth, young adult, and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe. I follow eclectic approach to therapy as I believe there is no one size fits all approach to therapy. We will spend time understanding exactly what you are experiencing and why so that when you start making changes that improve your life, they will stick.


I prefer in utilizing an integrative approach in which they blend different but complimentary theories to work with their client in the most effective way. This flexible approach enables the counselling experience to be tailored to the individual needs and style of each client. I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where relationship can thrive.

I have earned my Bachelor’s in Developmental Counseling and Master’s in Psychology from India. Also have 6+ years of experience of working with children and young youth both in elementary and secondary schools as a counselor and as academia support teacher. I plan to educate myself again in Canada starting May 2022 with master’s in counselling psychology. I have experience working with a broad range of mental health difficulties along with life challenges. I have worked alongside parents and teachers and other professionals. My main areas of focus are those who present with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. I also work with those who have experienced grief/loss, life transitions (school, work, moving), anger, bullying/discrimination and conflict resolution.

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