Couples Therapy

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy at Crossroads Collective in Langley offers a supportive path for you and your partner to foster a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. Regardless of the stage of your relationship or the challenges you face, this type of therapy provides a space to enhance communication, deepen emotional connections, and resolve conflicts effectively.

If your relationship is experiencing turbulence, couples therapy could be a turning point. It provides a platform for you and your partner to openly express feelings, discuss issues, and navigate conflicts under the guidance of a skilled therapist. By promoting understanding, respect, affection, and intimacy, it paves the way for a rejuvenated partnership.

Engaging in couples therapy in Langley provides a platform for you and your partner to express yourselves openly, discuss issues, and navigate conflicts with professional guidance. This form of therapy enhances understanding, respect, affection, and intimacy, leading to a stronger, happier relationship.

    Strategies Used in Crossroads Collective Couples Therapy

    Therapists at our Langley clinic utilize a blend of techniques to address specific relationship dynamics while adapting techniques based on individual couple needs:

    • Building rapport: Creating a safe and understanding environment.
    • Identifying and expressing emotions: Helping partners articulate their feelings.
    • Exploring the past: Understanding backgrounds to resolve current conflicts.
    • Solution-focused therapy: Concentrating on resolving issues and enhancing relationship dynamics.
    • Skill development: Including training in anger management, conflict resolution, and problem-solving.

    Diverse Therapeutic Approaches Available in Langley

    Couples therapy encompasses various methods tailored to the unique needs of each couple:

    • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): This method enhances attachment and bonding by addressing emotional patterns that cause disconnection.
    • Gottman Method: Focused on conflict resolution and skill-building, this approach aims to strengthen the friendship and intimacy in your relationship.
    • Ellen Wachtel’s Approach: A strength-based strategy that encourages positive recognition and self-reflection.
    • Psychodynamic Couple’s Therapy: This explores deeper emotional motivations and fears to foster better mutual understanding.
    • Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCT/CBCT): These therapies aim to modify behavior through positive reinforcement and thought pattern transformation.

    Starting Couples Therapy at Crossroads Collective

    • To begin couples therapy at Crossroads Collective in Langley, discuss with your partner the potential benefits and agree to pursue therapy together. Choose a therapist who both partners feel comfortable with, ensuring the sessions fit your schedules and location preferences. Prepare to engage actively in the therapeutic process to maximize the benefits for your relationship.
    Lisa Moore - Counsellor

    DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults and Family Therapy 

    SPECIALTIES: Play Therapy, Special Needs Advocacy and Diagnosis, Anxiety, Depression, Career Counselling, Addictions, LGBTQIA+, Aboriginal Issues, Grief

    Lisa Moore, ma
    MA Counselling Psychology, RCC, CCC, Clinical Counsellor

    Languages: English & French

    It’s my goal to help people heal and grow through periods of transitions in their lives. Many of us experience loss, grief or unhappiness as we transition from one role to another in our daily lives. 

    It’s my honour to help counsel you during these difficult transitions and help you heal from any of these experiences: 

    • Dreams you don’t achieve
    • Changes in career
    • Diagnosis of a child with special needs
    • A loved one entering long term care
    • Divorce from a spouse 
    • Beginning of a new marriage

    I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through BCACC. I am also licensed through CCPA and hold a CCC license. I completed my Masters of Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University and began working in my own private practice in 2016.  Before going back to school to pursue my masters, I worked as a senior executive in sales and marketing.  I believe that my unique education has allowed me to help people grow and develop and create change for themselves.

    About 10 years ago, I became involved in helping a family with special needs children and it was through that journey that I came to the work I am most passionate about; helping parents of special needs families. Using play therapy, I am able to access children for ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Autism and other types of learning disabilities.

    The following list below are my areas of specialization:

    • Personal development
    • Assertiveness / Boundaries
    • Depression, anxiety & panic disorders
    • Phobias
    • Past or recent trauma or abuse
    • Relationship and couples counselling
    • Addictions
    • Divorce, separation and blended families
    • Eating disorders and addictions
    • Life transitions
    • Gender dysphoria, LGBTQ transitions & other issues
    • Communication building
    • Grief counselling
    • Career planning


    • Child play therapy
    • Self esteem and confidence coaching
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Career exploration with youth
    • Dealing with separation and divorce from the child and parents perspective
    • Helping parents and children with strategies to deal with ADHD and ADD
    • Assessments for Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder 


    • Access to assessments and diagnosis
    • Psycho-educational, Autism, ADHD testing
    • Referral to local psychologists for assessments and testing
    • Referral to local behavioural consultants and creating a behavioural intervention team
    • Mediation with school districts and IEP planning
    • Access to 3rd party funding and Ministry of Children and Family case workers
    • Completing government and agency paperwork to obtain funding, therapy and resources
    • Family planning at transitional ages: birth, school age and adult


        Marianne Cottingham - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Adults, Couples, Families, Co-parents, Groups

        SPECIALTIES:  Conflict Resolution, Parent Education, Blended Families, Divorce/Separation, Anger Management

        Marianne Cottingham, ma
        Clinical Counsellor (CCC)

        Languages: English

        My mission is to help you navigate the difficulties and challenges you’re facing. Whether it’s family conflict, separation/divorce, past trauma, substance misuse or life transitions, there’s no better time to work through it. 

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        I am a licensed Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) through the CCPA. I completed a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University. I have continued my education since graduating, and I am currently completing a certificate program in Child and Family Forensics. 

        Through my professional and personal experience, I’ve found that the BC family law system isn’t the best setting to resolve family issues related to children. I’m passionate about helping parents be the best they can be for their children outside of a courtroom.

        Services I provide include: 

        • Individual and couples counselling
        • Co-parent counselling
        • Divorce coaching 
        • Group counselling and classes for parents and anger management 

        I specialize in the areas of family conflict, parenting and high conflict separation and divorce. 

        To read more about my approach to therapy and the specific services I offer, feel free to explore my personal website at

        Desiree Dsilva - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples

        SPECIALTIES: Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem,  Play Therapy, Behaviour Intervention, Supporting parents with Autism/adhd/odd diagnoses

        Desiree D’silva, m.ED
        MA Counselling Psychology, CCC, Clinical Counselor

        Languages: English

        I am an EMDR and Play based therapist who works with children, youth and adults. I am deeply committed to providing a safe and non-judgmental space where my clients can explore their emotions, gain insight into their experiences, and develop effective coping strategies. My therapeutic approach is rooted in empathy, respect, and collaboration, as I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a crucial aspect of the healing process.

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        EMDR is a powerful and evidence-based therapy that has been shown to be highly effective in treating trauma, PTSD, and a wide range of other emotional issues. I have undergone extensive training and certification in EMDR, and I am passionate about helping my clients unlock their natural healing process. In addition to EMDR, I integrate various therapeutic modalities and techniques tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals. I am dedicated to providing a warm, supportive, and confidential environment where clients can feel heard and understood.
        Tejinder Sandhu - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Adults, Couples, Parents, and Families

        SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Personal development, Grief, Life Transitions, Suicidal Ideation, Anger, Abuse, Addiction, Conflict Resolution, Divorce/Separation, Boundaries, LGBTQ, Family member with Chronic illness

        Tejinder Sandhu, MC
        Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

        Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi, & Urdu

        My aim is to provide a supportive, non-judgemental and safe environment to help support you through life’s difficulties. When life challenges us, it results in emotional and psychological stress in our lives. My mission is to support you in regaining control. 

        There are times where the challenges we face in our daily lives become too difficult to manage on our own. We may need someone to talk to. I can help navigate those who are looking to add meaning and purpose to their lives, generating motivation, and driving direction. The ability to achieve wellness and stability in our lives, exists somewhere inside each and every single one of us.

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        The disconnection we experience from the things that bring us happiness and joy may cause us to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by stress. My aim is to provide a supportive, non-judgemental, and safe environment to help support you through life’s difficulties that may have you feeling stuck and under pressure. Lifes challenges result in emotional and psychological stress in our lives and my mission is to support you in regaining control.

        My work stems from a holistic and integrative approach which includes mindfulness, breath work, and evidence-based modalities such as CBT, ACT, and DBT. I believe it is important to have a well-stocked arsenal of techniques as it enables me to effectively meet my clients needs. I assist my clients in accepting life challenges, discovering their strengths and abilities, and committing to change. My warm, gentle, empathetic, and attentive approach allows my clients to feel validated, empowered, and hopeful. I work from a variety of perspectives and work towards building self-compassion into your daily life.

        I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Counselling. I have several years of experience working with youth on the Autism spectrum as a Behaviour Interventionist.

        I have experience working with a broad range of mental health difficulties along with life challenges. I have worked alongside parents and teachers. My main areas of focus are those who present with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. I also work with those who have experienced grief/loss, life transitions (school, work, moving), anger, and conflict resolution. I have experience helping support clients in setting boundaries in place, regaining control in their lives, and practicing self-compassion and mindfulness. My background provides me with an understanding to work with couples and families through a range of issues. Throughout my years of experience, I have also worked with those who identify as LGBTQ.

        My warm, gentle, and compassionate nature allows me to build trust/rapport with my clients and allows me to create a safe place to openly share all thoughts and feelings. Ever since I incorporated self-compassion and mindfulness into my own life, I have responded to challenges in my life with kindness and understanding towards myself. By soothing and comforting ourselves when we’re hurting, we offset self-criticism and feelings of failure. I believe mental health is just as important as physical health. My duty is to join you on your path towards creating space for healing, change, and improved sense of well-being.

        Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Young Adults, Families, Couples, Adults

        SPECIALTIES: Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Fears, Grief, Trauma, Anger Management, Relationship Concerns, Life Transitions, Personal development, Addiction

        Jane Yoon, MA
        Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

        Languages: English and Korean

        I hope to provide you with a safe place to reflect and articulate your feelings and thoughts. When you can name your struggles, you can begin tackling your problems. I hope to guide and support you in your journey to rediscovering yourself, your voice, and renewed hopes for your future. Nothing is more meaningful and rewarding than celebrating with people who overcome their life struggles and come out empowered with hope.

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        I completed a Masters degree in Mental Health and Marriage & Family Counselling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, from the United States. I have worked with college students and people of various ages in an outpatient unit at a hospital. My treatment and therapy methodology approach consists of an integrative approach that comprises multiple techniques, such as CBT, Strength-Based, Solution-focused brief therapy, and Existentialism.

        Prior to pursuing my Masters degree in Counselling, I completed a Masters in Divinity and have worked for more than ten years in a faith community. I welcome clients wanting to integrate faith into their counselling sessions. I am also fluent in Korean and familiar with Korean culture for clients who feel more comfortable expressing themselves in Korean.

        My areas of specialization include the following: depression, anxiety & panic disorders, self-Esteem, assertiveness & boundaries, grief counselling, personal development, relationship and couples counselling, fears & phobias, addictions, eating disorders, anger Management, life transitions, and past or recent trauma.

        Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician

        SPECIALITY AREA: High Conflict Couples and Families, Youth in Crisis, Life Transitions, Depression, Anxiety

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Elders, Couples, and Family Therapy

        LOCATION: Langley, BC

        Jeffrey Lannan, M.ED.

        Masters of Education, Ph.D. , RCC, Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

        Languages: English

        I have a deep love for working with all populations, youth, couples, and elders. I am committed to providing excellent counselling services in a timely fashion, with the goal of serving your needs. My expertise is in working with children and youth with educational and relationship challenges.

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        I work most effectively with children and youth who struggle with relationship issues. Having had severe dyslexia at a young age, has given me a wealth of compassion for those who struggle in school or in life.

        I have been working with young people for almost 30 years, as both a teacher and as a registered clinical counsellor. 

        Being from Newfoundland, I have a profound appreciation for community, learning, and laughter. Growing up on an island, one experiences a unique sense of community that translates into helping one another whenever needed.  My love of learning began from the time I learned to read and write, which was hampered by severe dyslexia, which took me a few years to catch up to my peers.  Because I believe that laughter is the language of the soul, I seek to delight in the person I am working with.  Counselling is a partnership that, at its most effective, is built upon integrity, commitment and an unconditional respect.  

        When not at my office, I love to spend time with family, reading, and playing tennis. I am insatiably fascinated by peoples’ choices and motivations. I am deeply grateful to participate in this work.

        The following list below are my areas of specialization:

        • School Issues
        • Coping Skills
        • Teen Violence
        • Peer Relationships
        • Stress
        • Relationship Issues
        • Family Conflict
        • Trauma
        • Self Esteem
        • Spirituality
        Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, and Couples

        SPECIALTIES: Mental Health, Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Cross-Cultural Barriers, LGBTQIA+

        Ritu Khajuria, MC
        Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

        Languages: English & Punjabi 

        Pronouns: She/Her

        When we give ourselves an opportunity to be vulnerable and unpack and express our thoughts and feelings; this allows the healing process to begin. My goal is to provide a platform for clients who can find comfort in an environment where they feel safe, heard and connected.

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        I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Counselling.

        I have experience working with children, youth, adults and couples who face challenges in mental health, suicidal ideation, anxiety, depression, conflict-resolution, cross-cultural barriers and anger management. I am an LGBTQIA+ supporter and have worked closely with children and their families.

        My aim for my clients is to gain self-confidence, cope with anxiety and to provide customized skills and strategies.

        Counsellors - Colleen

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Family Therapy

        SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Family dynamics, Parenting, Self-harm, Self Confidence


        Colleen Vantol
        Clinical Counsellor (RCC) 

        Languages: English

        I endeavor to support people to grow through their pain, embrace their realities and move with purpose through life’s many chapters.

        My goal is to meet you where you are at and foster building resiliency that will guide you forward with each new challenge life presents. Working together we will build self-confidence, compassion and deepen understanding.

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        Remember changing your life takes courage, I am here for you and provide a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere to support your growth. Reach out if you are:

        • A new parent or having parenting challenges.
        • Struggling with your mental health or addiction.
        • Facing a career change or feeling unsatisfied with your current career.
        • Feeling stuck.
        • Unsatisfied in your relationship.
        • Scared you are not reaching your full potential.

        Since completing my Masters in Counselling Psychology with Yorkville University, the collective at Crossroads has supported me to strengthen my clinical skills through creating opportunities for personal growth and reflection.

        I completed my Bachelor of Arts with a Psychology Major from Simon Fraser University in 2001 and between then and now I have acted as a personal counsellor, a group facilitator, a visitation & access supervisor, a family worker and a parent educator which entailed completing parenting assessments.  Further to this I foster parented a youngster who had fetal alcohol syndrome and have worked with neurodiverse populations across all faucets of my professional career.

        I believe that we all have the capacity for personal excellence and it is my contagious enthusiasm for life that I hope to pass along to you during our session time together. I am empathic, genuine in my interventions and compassionate to all cultural, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds. I will meet you with warmth, trust and respect.

        You are not alone, every journey starts with a single step.

        At times, we all wonder if our present-day realities are aligned with our intended paths. Was it the right time? The right job? The right relationship? Is this as good as it gets? Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? If you experience anxiety, depression, confusion or simply feel alone, counselling can offer opportunities for a deeper sense of connection to yourself, your relationships, and your life. I am here to walk alongside of you, to listen to your goals, desires and needs. Whether it is sharing long kept secrets, traumas, or personal revelations I am here to connect with you.

        The following list below are my areas of specialization:

        • Supporting change/transitions.
        • Overcoming barriers.
        • Building confidence, self-esteem and sense of self.
        • Depression & anxiety.
        • Managing intense feelings, emotional regulation and anger management.
        • Past or recent trauma or abuse.
        • Parenting challenges.
        • Relationship and couples counselling.
        • Infidelity.
        • Addictions.
        • Divorce, separation and blended families.
        • Navigating strained relationships.
        • Life transitions.
        • Gender dysphoria, LGBTQ transitions & other issues.
        • Communication building.
        • Grief counselling.
        • Career planning.
        • Family planning at transitional ages: birth, school age and adult.
        • Personal goal attainment.
        • Issues with body image, health & ablism.
        Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Youth, Couples

        SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Self Esteem, Emotional Empowerment, Emotional Regulation, Health & Nutrition, Life Coaching, Couples, Relationships, Stress Management

        Charlene Forbes
        MA Clinical Counsellor, BA, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

        Languages: English

        Hello! My name is Charlene Forbes and I am counsellor, health coach and yoga teacher and I am passionate about mental health and embrace a holistic, biopsychosocial client-centered approach in helping clients. It’s my goal to help, heal and empower clients through the challenges and uncertainties of life within a collaborative, safe, empathetic, culturally responsive, open therapeutic alliance. My tailored approach is premised on making clients feel comfortable, validated, and understood and to help make sense and resolve the anxieties and issues clients face so they can achieve personal goals. 

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        Life by its very nature is uncertain and comes with challenges, life transitions, grief, unexpected loss, illness, and change, and I am here to help make sense and help resolve the anxieties and issues that come along with it. I specialize in deconstructing and dismantling sociocultural pressures, childhood and family issues and trauma that can manifest into poor self worth and self esteem, eating disorders, overthinking, depression and anxiety. I am here to help you manage these issues, learn, heal and create long term sustainable strategies so you can live a peaceful and content life.

        I have a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and experienced yoga and meditation teacher and I embrace a holistic, mindfulness-based approach to mental health and wellness looks at how an individual’s overall life impacts their psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional well- being. My approach is to help clients navigate their issues and problems within a safe, culturally responsive, collaborative empathetic, nonjudgmental, open space where we can build a therapeutic relationship designed to meet your needs.

        I am passionate about mental health, physical health, disease prevention, healing, and emotional empowerment.  Life by its very nature is uncertain and comes with challenges, life transitions, grief, unexpected loss, illness, and change, and I am here to help make sense and help resolve the anxieties and issues that come along with it. I specialize in deconstructing and dismantling sociocultural pressures, childhood and family issues and trauma that can manifest into poor self worth and self esteem, eating disorders, overthinking, depression and anxiety. I am here to help you manage these issues, learn, heal and create long term sustainable strategies so you can live a peaceful and content life.

        I also specialize in pre-marital, couples and relationship counselling helping clients identify their unmet needs, resolve issues and help create emotional safety, mutual understanding through effective communication promoting long lasting healthy connections.

        My specialities include Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Self Esteem, Emotion Regulation, Stress Management, Life Coaching, Mindfulness-Based and Yoga Based Techniques, Health and Wellness, Couples Counselling, Relationship counselling, Separation/Divorce, Trauma, Eating Issues and Life Coaching, and Emotional Empowerment.

        Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Family Therapy

        SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Family dynamics, Parenting, Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum, Self Confidence and Self-esteem, Racial Identity, Stress Management, Time Management, Boundaries, Career Planning, Relationships.

        Amiebi (Aime) Bamgboye
        Clinical Counsellor (CCC)

        Languages: English

        When we go through several trials, challenges, and situations in life, we need an outlet to express ourselves. In the moment of life’s difficulties, it becomes even more difficult to acknowledge our previous successes or embrace our inner strengths. For me, I have found that talking helps. It is a starting point to achieving inner healing and overall mental wellness.

        My goal is to provide encouragement, support, and strength and help people in all walks of life struggling and in need of help. I am ready to meet you where you are with the hopes that together, we can get you to your goal through mutual respect and understanding. 

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        I have come to learn and believe that humans can attain self-actualization when provided with the right support, tools, and skills. I align with CBT orientation as I believe having the proper mindset helps individuals morph into the best versions of themselves, thus achieving self-actualization. I also use Rogers’s person-centred approach in my work because the client is the expert of their own lived experiences.

        I completed my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University with a BA in Health Science major and Gerontology Minor and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. With over ten years of experience volunteering and working with children and families, I found myself with a strong passion for counselling.

        It will be a huge privilege to work alongside you as we journey together to help you through life circumstances and find healing.

        The following are areas I can support you with:  

        • Anxiety
        • Depression
        • Family Dynamics
        • Parenting
        • Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum
        • Self Confidence and Self-Esteem
        • Racial Identity
        • Stress Management
        • Time Management
        • Boundaries
        • Career Planning
        • Relationships


        Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Adults, Couples, Families 

        SPECIALTIES: High Conflict, Family Support, Relationships, Emotion Regulation, Trauma, Developmental Trauma, Attachment, Parenting, Life Transitions, Play Therapy, Depression, Anxiety

        Mary Tuhkala, MA
        MA Counselling Psychology, RCC, Clinical Counsellor

        Languages: English

        My approach aims to empower and motivate clients in the therapeutic process. I believe that people can reach their full potential with some support. I hope to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express your feelings and unpack your story. I collaborate with my clients to better understand their life challenges and to develop goals that help you move towards where you want to be. My therapeutic process involves tailoring the approach to best meet your needs and desired outcomes. I have experience with children, youth, individuals, couples, and with family systems.

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        I completed a Bachelors in Psychology, Counselling and Human Development from Simon Fraser University and have pursued my Masters in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. I have been working in the helping field for several years and have specific training in areas of child development, children with special needs, parent coaching, attachment, and trauma. I come from a family systems background which understands the various challenges within a person’s life, develops goals to address these, and increase overall wellness for themselves and in their relationships.

        Below are the areas of specialization:

        • Individual work: boundaries, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, healthy relationships, emotion regulation, trauma, anger management, neurodivergence, life transitions
        • Family Systems: Family conflict, family violence, divorce and separation, blended families, parenting skills and parent coaching, therapeutic access, family enhancement for families involved with MCFD, attachment, co-parent coaching.
        • Play therapy, children with special needs, neurodivergence, attachment, developmental trauma, child development, parenting skills, behaviour support, support with school-based teams, mental health challenges, anxiety, and more

        My focus areas have given me a greater appreciation for relationships with others, including the connection in the counselling room. This process is a very vulnerable one. My goal is to provide therapy with compassion, understanding, and respect for the challenges and hardships that you are facing. Please watch my video and reach out to Crossroads Collective if you feel that we would be a good match.

        Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

        DEMOGRAPHIC: Youth, Adults and Family Therapy

        SPECIALTIES: Mental Health and Wellness, Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence, Personal Empowerment, Couples, Relationship Renewal, Stress Management, Chronic Pain, Sport Performance, Anxiety and Depression


        Basil Dimou, MA
        MA Counselling Psychology, RCC, Clinical Counsellor
        B.Sc Kin, Practicing Kinesiologist 

        Languages: English

        I passionate about working with you in your personal development to help you become the best version of yourself and enhance all your relationships both personally and professionally. I believe that no one is ever at a place where life cannot improve.

        I know that it can be a struggle to ask for help but sometimes it is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones. I am here to help with any difficulties and challenges you may be facing and we can work together to get you back on track. It is never too late to start and get you going towards better tomorrow.

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          I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through BCACC. I completed my Masters of Counselling Psychology at City University of Seattle. As well, I am also a Practicing Kinesiologist and have been in the rehabilitation field since 1998. I believe my dual training in both the psychological and physical areas gives me a diverse and unique perspective for a holistic approach and can be greatly beneficial for you, especially if you are dealing with MVA-related issues and/or Chronic Pain. 

          I utilize a person-centred, strength-based and collaborative approach to work alongside you, as ultimately you are the expert in your life. I’ll help you identify and understand the root causes of your struggles as well as any negative or unproductive thinking and work towards being healthier and happier in all aspects of life. Together we will break down these barriers one at a time and get you going in the right direction.

          The following list below are my areas of specialization:

          • Personal Development/Growth
          • Self-esteem and Self-Confidence building/coaching
          • Couples/Marriage/Pre-Marital Counselling
          • Improving Communication
          • Divorce/Separation 
          • Depression and Anxiety
          • Building Healthy Parent-Child Connections
          • Life Transitions
          • Coping with Injury and/or Loss
          • Work and Life Balance
          • Health/Wellness
          • Men’s Concerns
          • Body Image
          • Sport Performance Anxiety (Youth and Adult)
          • Stress Management
          • Anger Management
          Michael Zibauer - Counsellor
          DEMOGRAPHIC: Individuals, Youth, Parents, Couples, Groups

          SPECIALTIES: Life Transitions, Parenting, Divorce/Separation, Anger management/Conflict resolution, Grief/Loss,  Depression/Anxiety, Trauma or abuse, Personal Development


          Darlene Mathews, MA

          Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Registered Social Worker & Virtual Counsellor

          Languages: English

          Mental health is a critical element of a fulfilling life. Yet, for some, it is just a mirage. As we transition through life, we experience unhappiness, anxiousness, depression, grief, and loss, which can have negative effects on our mind, body and soul and even negatively impact those around us. Although reaching out to a counsellor can make a person feel vulnerable it is through that vulnerability that assists us in building self-esteem, confidence and resilience to move forward in our lives.  

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          In my practice, I emphasize creating a trusting professional relationship using compassion, empathy and understanding your circumstance more clearly. With added support and education, we can alleviate the current intensity of the struggle or difficult situation.

          I am a Registered Clinical counsellor and a Registered Social Worker and have been in private practice for over 20 years. I have worked in the health field as counsellor, advocate, coach, and group facilitator assisting people in the areas of:

          • Child development and Parenting Struggles
          • Suicide ideation and mental health in Children
          • Separation and Divorce
          • Depression and Anxiety / Mood Disorders
          • Grief and Loss counselling
          • Past or Recent Trauma
          • Communication / Anger Management
          • Assertiveness and Boundaries
          • Life Transitions
          • Personal development
          • Relationship and couples counselling
          • Eating disorders and addictions
          • Gender dysphoria, LGBTQ transitions & other issues

          Some tools/training that I use in my sessions

          • CBT
          • Emotion regulation
          • Resilience building
          • Sleep Hygiene

          I practice and value the client centered model knowing that you have your own answers. At this time in your personal or professional struggle, you may simply require different and unique questioning to come to a clearer understanding of your current situation. The single most important first step is to align with someone you will quickly know, like and trust so that you can be as open and honest as your forge a new path for yourself.  I am intuitive, astute and personable and would be honored to join you on your journey to a deeper understanding of your resilience and personal development.

          Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician

          DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Families, Couples

          SPECIALTIES:  Mental Health Crisis Management, Advocacy, High Conflict Separation/Divorce, Resist/Refuse Dynamics, Hear the Child Reports

          LOCATION: Langley, BC 

          Amanjot Gill, MSW
          registered social worker (RSW)

          Languages: English & Punjabi

          Working with people through their challenges is something I am passionate about. Life is ever changing and provides us many opportunities for growth although those times often feel daunting and overwhelming. I believe in being both an advocate and an ally; it is my goal to support you through whatever it is that you are facing right now.

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          In addition to working one on one with clients, I am also part of the High Conflict Team at Crossroads. I help support families that are experiencing challenges following any changes. I provide coaching and support to parents, children and youth through therapy. Therapy services include one to one counselling and group/family counselling sessions. This also includes observing family interactions to meet the unique needs of each person; Helping parents plan a safe, healing and therapeutic interaction between estranged parent and child; Beginning initial connection and relationship building while ensuring that the views of parents and child(ren) are acknowledged and considered in decision making. I am trained to complete Hear the Child reports which fill an important role in the separation/divorce and court involved process. Hear the Child reports allow parents and other professionals involved with the family to have the Child’s views to consider when making decisions that impact them.

          Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician

          DEMOGRAPHIC: Families, Parents, Teens, Children

          SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Parenting Support & Education for Children with Diagnosis, ADHD & Neurodiversity, Relationships, Behaviour Issues, Self-esteem/Self-worth, Self-harming, Mental Health, Coping Skills, Trauma, Fears, Grief and Loss.

          Ages: Under and Over 6

          Tara Anton
          Registered Social Worker (RSW)

          Languages: English

          Life never follows the map we drew out exactly how we would like. Despite the plans we create, relationships are unpredictable – conflict and challenges can emerge. My goal is to help guide you while you process, navigate, and explore the unexpected in life in a safe space. My approach to counselling is to create a warm, understanding, client-centred environment to support you with compassion, empathy, and understanding to view your situation holistically.

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          I am currently a Master of Social Work student at Wilfrid Laurier University. While embarking on the journey to become a private counsellor, I also work with Fraser Health Authority as a Clinician Social Worker with an Assertive Community Treatment Team, supporting people daily with acute mental health struggles. Before this, I lived in Saskatchewan and worked as a crisis counsellor for over seven years, and have extensive experience in crisis intervention, solution-focused, and family-centred practice. I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work through the University of Regina in 2010, and have been a registered social worker in good standing for many years with the provincial bodies.

          I have gained experience in counselling families and individuals through crisis situations. What brings me the most joy is supporting families, especially parents, to learn new ways of interacting and engaging with their children, as well as each other, to create more positive family dynamics and happy home lives.

          Feel free to reach out if you are looking for assistance in navigating your thoughts and feelings during a difficult time in your life. I would love to provide guidance and empathy to help you to explore alternate perspectives and to heal and move forward toward a new, optimistic, hopeful path in life.

          Areas I can support include, but are not limited to:

          • Anxiety
          • Depression
          • Parenting support
          • ADHD & Neurodiversity
          • Relationships
          • Behaviour issues
          • Women’s issues
          • Self-esteem/self-worth
          • Self-harming
          • Self-care
          • Coping skills
          • Trauma
          • Grief and loss
          • Parenting support
          Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

          HDEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Adults, Couples, Seniors and Families

          SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addictions, Grief, Mental Health, Neurodiversity, Children, and Youth


          Randeep Hayer, BSW
          BA Social Work

          Languages: English, Punjabi & Hindi

          Are you looking for guidance to navigate life’s challenges and discover your inner strength?

          My goal is to be here for you every step of the way as we embark on this journey towards growth, health, and empowerment together.

          As a dedicated and compassionate social worker, I am deeply committed to providing compassionate support and guidance to individuals facing life’s challenges. With a passion for supporting others and diverse experience in the field, I’m here to be your partner in empowerment and growth. Together, let’s navigate life’s ups and downs with resilience and strength.

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            With six years of experience in the field, I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse populations across various settings. My background as a residential child and youth care worker has equipped me with invaluable skills to address a wide spectrum of concerns, including mental health, addiction, trauma, and relationship dynamics.

            During my experience at the hospital, I refined my skills in crisis intervention and counseling techniques. This experience empowered me to conduct thorough social work assessments, utilizing a diverse range of assessment tools, all while adhering to professional standards and clinical policies.

            Collaborating with interdisciplinary treatment teams, patients, families, and community support networks is fundamental to my approach. By effectively coordinating services and managing cases, I ensure holistic care for individuals under my guidance. I am also dedicated to empowering patients and families by connecting them with available community resources to enhance their overall health and well-being.

            In my practice, I prioritize creating a safe, non-judgmental space where you can freely explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I believe in the power of collaboration and tailor my approach to meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re navigating personal struggles, relationship issues, or seeking personal growth, I am here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

            During our sessions, you can expect to engage in meaningful conversations, gain insight, and develop practical strategies to overcome obstacles and foster positive change in your life. Together, we will work towards enhancing your well-being and empowering you to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

            I approach every client with compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to help. Your concerns are heard, your experiences are validated, and your goals are prioritized.

            I am Fluent in English, Punjabi, and Hindi. I understand the importance of cultural competence in social work practice. I strive to create a culturally sensitive and inclusive environment where all clients feel valued and understood.

            I am committed to providing high-quality, ethical, and evidence-based services to my clients. Your well-being and success are my top priorities, and I will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

            If you’re ready to take the next step towards healing and growth, I invite you to reach out and schedule a session. Your journey towards self-discovery and empowerment starts here, and I am honored to be a part of it!

            I specialize in empowering individuals to navigate life’s challenges and achieve holistic well-being. My areas of expertise include:

            • Personal growth and development
            • Emotional wellness and resilience
            • Supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and gender exploration
            • Effective communication and boundary setting
            • Coping with trauma, grief, and life transitions
            • Career guidance and youth empowerment
            • Strengthening relationships and family dynamics
            • Stress management 
            • Addictions support 
            • Crisis intervention 
            • Mental health, including anxiety and depression
            • Supporting neurodiversity
            Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

            DEMOGRAPHIC: Children, Youth, Young Adults, Women, Seniors

            SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Divorce/Separation, Relationship Issues, Losses, Life Changes, Stress Management, Boundaries, Emotional Regulation, Self-Esteem, Burn-out,
            Career Planning

            Jeanne Griesel (Nortje), RPC-C
            Associate Counsellor and Virtual Counsellor

            Languages: English and Afrikaans

            Everyone wants to be heard. It is my aim in practice to listen with interest and without judgement as I help you work through obstacles that have come on your path. To further self-discovery I believe in creating a space that is safe and knows no boundaries. Working from a person-centred approach, I believe that you are your own best-expert. Helping you learn to understand how all aspects of life can impact mental health and guide you towards achieving your individual goals. It is a privilege to walk with you on the journey to healing, celebrating and mitigating life’s ups and downs. My hope is to foster a trusting therapeutic relationship with you by treating you genuinely and empathically.

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            I believe in a counselling setting where we work together to explore and discover your individual strengths and develop skills to overcome life’s challenges and adversities to ultimately achieve fulfilment and overall well-being.

            I can offer counselling and support in the following areas:

            • Relationship difficulties
            • Trauma
            • Losses
            • Life transitions
            • Stress and Anxiety
            • Process addictions
            • Emotion Regulation
            • Burnout
            • Self-Esteem
            • Anger Management 

            I decided to pursue a career in counselling when I was standing with a sales client trying to navigate his recent separation from his spouse. I remember standing there desperate to help and feeling completely helpless. That was the day I discovered my passion for people and helping them realise their absolute potential in mitigating difficult situations.

            As an Immigrant to Canada, I believe I bring a unique perspective to the therapy room and understand the importance of being able navigate life’s uncertainties and changes. Immigration has also taught me the importance of relationships and community and how difficult it can be to adapt to a new culture or surroundings.

            Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

            DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Adolescents, Older Adults, Couples, Children, 2SLGBTQIA+

            SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Men’s Issues, Self-Esteem, Stress, Burnout, Relationship Issues, Depression, Anger Management, Perfectionism

            Haylie Palichuk
            MA Counselling Psychology, Clinical Counselor Pre-Licensed

            Languages: English

            I believe that each person already has the inner resources to grow and make positive changes. However, sometimes, we need some extra support accessing those resources. As a counsellor, I aim to foster a supportive, healing environment to help you connect with yourself, get in touch with your inner wisdom, and create meaningful changes in your life.

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            In our work together, we will identify and transform the patterns you developed to survive, but are no longer serving you. This will look like exploring your behaviours, emotions, thoughts, expectations, and the meaning you make of your concerns. We will also explore the impact of the systems in which you exist, such as your family and cultural contexts.

            By looking at each layer of your experience, we can identify your stuck points and help you feel empowered to make choices in alignment with who you are. I take a collaborative and anti-oppressive approach to therapy, so throughout the process, I will always emphasize choice and safety.

            Some of the areas I can support you with include:

            • Anxiety
            • Self-Esteem
            • Depression
            • Burnout
            • Emotion Regulation
            • Relationship Issues
            • Men’s Issues
            • Anger Management 
            • Perfectionism

            I am completing my Master of Counselling Psychology at Adler University to become a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). If you think we may be a good fit, please reach out to Crossroads Collective. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey. 

            Michael Zibauer - Counsellor

            DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Children, Teens (16+), Families, Couples, Groups

            SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Communication-Building, Interpersonal Conflict, Boundaries, Burnout, Womens Issues

            Wendy Huang
            MA Counselling Psychology, Clinical Counselor Pre-Licensed

            Languages: English

            The journey to overcome lifes challenges can often feel like an uphill battle. it would be my privilege to support you through your battle. If you are looking to heal, change, or grow, I can offer you a safe space to forge your path forward. I aim to listen with compassion and non-judgment, and to collaborate with you to find solutions that best work for you. I hope to help you discover your inner strength, and empower you to thrive in your life. 

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            I am a Master of Counselling Psychology graduate student from Yorkville University. Prior to pursuing my master’s, I completed my Bachelor of Psychology degree at Simon Fraser University, where I worked in a research lab focusing on memory and learning, as well as with Options BC as a crisis line volunteer. my passion for helping others grew with each experience in this field, and I have seen how powerful and transformative therapeutic conversations can be. Aside from schooling, I have over 10 years of experience in hospitality and more than 5 years in the fitness and health industry. My personal experience with body image and disordered eating, as well as my certification in exercise and nutrition, have given me insight into how to navigate difficulties with self-image.  

            I believe in an integrative approach to counselling, which incorporates exploring mental narratives, bodily awareness, and self-care strategies in the process of healing. I implement a person-centred approach to empower the client, build inner resources, and use collaboration to cultivate a counselling experience uniquely suited to your needs. I am eager to help and support you in your mental health journey. 

            Some areas I can help you with include but are not limited to:

            • Anxiety
            • Depression
            • Eating Disorders
            • Body Image
            • Self-Esteem
            • Boundaries
            • Communication-Building
            • Interpersonal Conflict
            • Boundaries
            • Burnout
            • Womens Issues
            Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician

            DEMOGRAPHIC: Teens, Adults, Couples, Families, Groups and Children

            SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Codependency, Interpersonal Conflict, Self-Esteem, Life Transitions, Women’s Issues, Burnout, Grief and Loss, Guilt and Shame and any other concerns being faced

            Amanpreet Kang
            Intern Counselor

            Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi

            “The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” – Thales (one of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece)

            I believe that life is a gift, and it presents us with unique experiences, situations and challenges every day. Navigating these becomes easy when we are supported by someone we can trust, when someone genuinely empathizes, when we are offered non-judgemental space and when we are heard with unconditional positive regard. I am humbled and honoured to support my clients by offering them a space to heal, discover themselves and live a fulfilling life.

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            I strive to build a strong relationship with my clients and adopt a client centered approach to ensure that the counselling experience is tailored to the individual needs of each client. I work closely with my clients to identify the root causes of the concerns and problems faced by them. Specific interventions are used to bring about changes desired by clients and a sincere endeavour is made to ensure that the changes are adopted.

            I am an experienced educator and have worked closely with individuals and teams for more than 20 years. This experience has allowed me to witness various facets of people’s lives, their thought processes, struggles, highs and lows, etc. Having lived and worked in different countries and by interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds, I’ve experienced both diversity and strong human connection. I am currently completing my Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.

            I am very passionate about helping young children, youth, adults, couples, and families process their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I would be honoured to assist clients to change any form of unhelpful thinking and build healthy coping strategies. I am equally as enthusiastic to work with caregivers and families to support in better understanding the why behind behaviours, strategies for dealing with diverse needs, and personal struggles.

            Here are just some of the areas I can help you with:

            • Anxiety
            • Depression
            • Boundaries
            • LGBTQ+
            • Self-Esteem
            • Communication
            • Life Transitions
            • Stress
            • Family and Relationship Conflict
            • Burnout
            • Suicide
            • Grief
            • Identity
            • Confidence
            • Guilt and Shame
            • Codependency
            Nadine Viker - Behavioural Technician

            DEMOGRAPHIC: Adults, Children, Adolescents, Families, Couples

            SPECIALTIES: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Codependency, Interpersonal Conflict, Self-Esteem, Life Transitions, Women’s Issues, Burnout, Grief and Loss, Guilt and Shame and any other concerns being faced

            Natasha Sani
            Intern Counselor

            Languages: English

            I understand that seeking counseling can be a courageous step, and I want you to know that you’re not alone on this path. I believe in the power of a collaborative and client-centered approach. I see our therapeutic relationship as a partnership, where your unique needs and aspirations are at the forefront of our work together. We’ll embark on a journey together, exploring your experiences, uncovering your strengths, and charting a course toward positive change.

            Throughout our sessions, you can expect a safe and non-judgmental space where you are free to express yourself openly and honestly. I’m here to listen, offer guidance, and empower you to make the changes you desire. Together, we’ll work toward your goals and aspirations, no matter how big or small they may seem.

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            I am currently in the process of pursuing my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Upon completing this program, I aspire to obtain certification as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) through the CCPA and become a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BCACC.

            Prior to embarking on my master’s journey, I earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in forensic investigation at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. During my career, I gained valuable experience in forensic mental health and providing support to women escaping domestic violence. Through these roles, I developed a profound passion for working closely with clients and facilitating positive transformations through counselling.

            Throughout my career and personal experiences, I have come to understand that our identities and the labels we assign to ourselves are constructed over time. The trauma we endure can either shape us, break us, or provide us strategies for survival. It is by addressing the underlying causes of our suffering that we can unlock personal growth and change.

            I am eager to collaborate with you on your journey towards self-awareness and insight into your strengths. My objective is to assist you in recognizing how past traumas and experiences continue to impact your life today, and to provide you with the tools necessary to foster resilience.

            My counseling approach is rooted in integration, drawing from various psychosocial techniques tailored to meet your individual needs. I embrace a person-centered approach to empower you, build your strengths, and engage in collaborative goal setting.

            • Anxiety
            • Depression
            • Boundaries
            • Burnout
            • Stress Management
            • Communication
            • Confidence Building
            • Interpersonal Conflict
            • Self-Esteem
            • Life Transitions
            • Guilt and Shame
            • Personal Development
            • Coping Skills
            • Life Transitions
            • Self-Esteem and Sense of Self
            • Self-Talk

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