Anxiety is a part of the everyday human experience, worries and fears regarding health, family problems, life transitions, money, and world events are a part of life. Anxiety can be best characterized as when these worries and fear become more than a temporary reaction and response and instead sets in and sometimes get worse.  Individuals who struggle with anxiety can have a difficult time living their everyday life and often interferes with their daily activities such as school, work, sleeping, emotions, and relationships.

What is Virtual Counselling & Why Does Crossroads Collective Offer helps with Anxiety


Symptoms of anxiety vary and can manifest in a variety of ways, some common symptoms include uncontrollable worry, edginess, irritability, lack of concentration, sleeping problems, headaches, physical sensory sensitivities and digestive issues. 

Several types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic, social anxiety disorder, and phobia or fear-related disorders. This much-discussed topic of anxiety has created a host of misinformation and myths, some of the most popular include:

  1. Anxiety requires medication
  2. Anxiety is “made-up” and not a real psychological condition
  3. Anxiety is untreatable
  4. Anxiety should only occur due to tragic events
  5. Lifestyle changes like diet and nutrition can cure anxiety
  6. Self-medicating with food, drugs, alcohol, and other tools will resolve anxiety
  7. People with anxiety should avoid stress and anxiety-provoking thoughts and situations

Emotional Process

The truth is, anxiety is a part of all of us and when the anxiety is no longer temporary it simply means that we are having trouble emotionally processing difficult thoughts and feelings.  The GOOD news is that by working with a counsellor, individuals can learn how to manage their anxiety through building cognitive skills and techniques that can help effectively manage and cope with triggering and intrusive thoughts and emotions. 

The big takeaway is that suppressing and avoiding anxiety-provoking thoughts, worries and fears actually make these thoughts, worries, and fear STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL.

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Therapeutic Technique

At the Collective we recognize that anxiety can progress into more long-term conditions and can provide diverse evidence-based therapeutic techniques and skills to help manage all types and forms of anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms.  Here are some real facts about anxiety to sign off with:

  • Anxiety commonly begins in childhood
  • Anxiety can create memory problems 
  • Anxiety can cause anger
  • Anxiety and depression are often intertwined
  • Anxiety occurs more in women
  • Anxiety can create physical pains
  • Anxiety is normal and is a good thing because it can keep you safe and aware of dangerous situations
  • Anxiety can be managed

If you have any questions, thoughts, or struggles with anxiety, please contact us at the Collective, we are here to help.

Written by Charlene Forbes at Crossroads Collective

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